The Best

I thought (quite naively I’m sure) that since I was 7.5 weeks along, and not really experiencing any morning sickness, that I was good to go!!  I noticed that when I was hungry, man I was hungry and you better get some food in me, but I’ve always kind of been like that, so I wasn’t too surprised.  But Friday I felt pretty crummy.  I thought (hoped that) maybe I just didn’t get enough for breakfast and it had sort of thrown my whole day out of whack.  No such luck!!  I felt bad all weekend and still do.  Sooo….looks like I’ve got a pesky case of morning sickness.

Lucky for me, I have the best husband!!  Here’s what he’s done for me over the last few days:

  • Ate some form of pizza with me for 4 out of 5 5 out of 6 meals, because it was the only thing that sounded even remotely good.
  • Went grocery shopping alone, because I didn’t want to drag myself out of my pj’s and out into the real world.  He even got me quick, easy snacks and peppermints to help soothe my stomach while he was there.
  • Slaved in the kitchen Sunday afternoon making muffins for this week’s breakfasts, chicken cassoulet and baked macaroni and cheese that we can pop into the oven for quick dinners this week and chicken and noodles for Sunday’s dinner.  This is especially significant, because football was on!!  He did take the 13″ TV and rabbit ears from the spare bedroom and set it up on the kitchen counter so he could watch, but that’s a big downgrade from the 42″ High Definition that was available downstairs.
  • Cleaned up the dog puke that Nick was nice enough to provide and steam cleaned all the basement carpets, instead of just the puke-spots.
  • Washed, dryed, folded and put away several loads of laundry.
  • Cleaned out the dog’s room – washing the bedding, sweeping and mopping their floor, vacuuming the hair off their futon – so that there’d be less of a smell to nauseate me when I went in there.
  • Got up a few minutes early the past couple mornings to bring me a bowl of cereal in bed.
  • Took me to Target Monday night after work to look at baby things.  He told me there was something he wanted to buy with his 3rd quarter bonus from work and he just wanted to check it out.  Then he walked me to the baby section and ooh-ed and aah-ed with me over everything.  He said he thought that I could use a little cheering up since I’d been feeling so crummy.
  • Stopped at the library over his lunch hour to check out a couple new books for me.  I read both books that I had on Sunday and he wanted to make sure I had some more fun, relaxing reading to keep me busy.
  • Made me laugh!!  When I thanked him for everything he’d been doing, told him how much I appreciated it and how I was feeling a little guilty, he said, “Don’t worry about it.  It’s my job.  You make us a baby and I’ll do everything else while you’re feeling bad.  You’d do the same for me if I was growing a baby, right?!?”  I laughed and promised that if he was ever growing a baby inside him, that I’d do all he’d done and more!!

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