10 down, 30 to go!!

According to BabyCenter, BabyMort has officially entered the fetal period!!  BabyMort is about the size of a kumquat (see picture below), fingernails and toenails are starting to develop and limbs can bend.

I really enjoy reading the little updates on what’s new with BabyMort this week.  At this stage in the game, it’s really nice to get a little extra motivation/reminder of why I’m feeling so crappy.  I’ve been struggling a lot with constant nausea, constipation, fatigue and trouble sleeping – not a good combination!!  In the 11 hours I spent in bed last night (I ended up going in to work late this morning, because I just felt too bad for a Monday morning) I had to get up 5 different times to use the restroom.  Come on!!

However…then today I read that BabyMort has peach fuzz growing on its tiny little body, and fingernails and has its little arms crossed over its body, meeting at its heart.  That’s just the little boost I need to say, “So what if I’ve become a human peeing machine?!?  And so what if half the foods I used to love sound repulsive to me and my sense of smell is so heightened that I can’t escape our gassy dogs?!?  We’re lucky enough to get an amazing little baby out of all this.  I can deal – especially since I’m 25% of the way through the pregnancy!!”


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