Bella Bands

Have I mentioned that I’ve been bloated??  It’s a generally uncomfortable feeling that I could do without, but the real issue has been my clothes!!  As I’ve mentioned before, something that fits in the AM might not fit later on in the day.  And it’s now getting to the point where a lot of things don’t even fit in the AM.  If I can get something buttoned, the tightness tends to aggrivate any symptoms of nausea that I may be experiencing.  However, I don’t think I need to switch to maternity apparel yet – #1, I don’t have a large budget for maternity clothes, so I’d prefer to wait as long as possible to keep the variety in my wardrobe;  #2, I don’t have a large budget for maternity clothes, so I don’t really want to spend a lot of it on winter pieces;  #3, I’d just look silly, because I don’t really look pregnant yet.  So, in come Bella Bands:

Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday BellaBand

I ordered 2 of these last week – one in black and one in white with lace on the bottom.  They are fantastic!!  The whole idea is what you can continue to wear your normal pants, but can leave them unbuttoned (and possibly unzipped depending on the pants), because the Bella Band covers up your unbuttoned-ness and holds everything in place.  As you get bigger and switch to maternity pants, reviews say that you can continue to wear them if the panel is a little baggy to help smooth things out.

They were a little pricey – at least for someone as bargain driven as I am – but I think it was well worth the money, because instead of only getting 1-2 pairs of pants for the money, I can wear them with all of my pants, both work and casual.



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5 responses to “Bella Bands

  1. Hi,

    I work at Ingrid & Isabel, the makers of the BellaBand. I saw your comments about the BellaBand, and I wanted to say thank you. Would it be ok for me to place a link to your entry on our Applause Page on our website at


  2. Dana

    Those things are brilliant! It’s gadgets like these that make me wonder how I ever survived a pregnancy without them, :)!

  3. MamaMort

    Aaron asked him mom how she was ever pregnant without Google, because I usually Google something pregnancy/baby related at least once a day. I certainly feel lucky to have so many great resources and products at my disposal!!

  4. Friend, I have so many maternity clothes, it would make you sick. 🙂 I love to raid the quarter bins for maternity clothes of all sizes to let my friends borrow them when they’re in need. Come and get some!

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