Enough about me…

So I’ve been experiencing many of the normal symptoms that go along with pregnancy and I’m dealing with them as best I can.  But what about BabyMort??  What is he/she up to these days??  Well, BabyMort has doubled in size in the last few weeks – boy am I glad babies don’t grow that fast once they’re out!!  I’ll provide you with a few pieces of produce to approximate how big BabyMort is…

BabyMort’s size according to www.thebump.com: A Plum

BabyMort’s size according to www.babycenter.com: A Lime

So we’re up to the size of a plum or the size of a lime.  Not too shabby.  Most of the vital systems have formed, so now BabyMort can focus on getting bigger!!  Reflexes are becoming more common and soon our baby’s little fingers and toes will be curling and his/her mouth will make sucking movements.  Aaron likes to (gently) poke my stomach, because he read that it will make BabyMort squirm.  The digestive tract is already ‘practicing’ contracting movements to aid in digestion 28 weeks from now.


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