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You know you’re pregnant when…

There’s the standard, stereotypical answer of, “When you crave pickles and ice cream.” For me, not so much.

My answer would be, “When your house is only 60 degrees and you’re dying of heat with a tank top on!!”

What would your answer be??

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Hooray – we have our ultrasound scheduled!!

At our last Doctor’s appointment, at 15.5 weeks, it seemed like our doctor was in and out of the room in 30 seconds flat.  As he was leaving the room, he said, “See ya’ in 4 weeks.”  I was waiting for him to say something about our ultrasound, since I’d be 19.5 weeks and the standard ultrasound is done between 18 and 22 weeks, but he didn’t and then he was out the door.  Looking back, I should have stopped him and asked, but I honestly don’t think I actually believed that he was leaving the room already – he never even asked if we had any new questions or concerns!!

I like my doctor and understand (or at least try to) that he has all kinds of interruptions and lots of appointments crammed into the day.  We didn’t have any pressing questions, and I know that if I had stopped him and asked, he would have taken the time to thoroughly answer all of our questions. 

But…I’d had it in my head that we’d get to have our ultrasound in January.  We want to find out the gender – I’m a planner!!  And I’m also the type of person who likes concrete evidence, not abstract ideas, so, I want to see BabyMort!!  I called the Doctor’s office yesterday to ask about scheduling one.  She asked who our insurance provider is, I said Blue Cross Blue Shield, and she immediately responded with, “They don’t cover ultrasounds unless the doctor says one is medically necessary.”  I told her that I had been told by my doctor that I’d have one between 18-22 weeks to check on the development.  She, again, just responded with, “BCBS doesn’t cover ultrasounds unless the doctor says one is medically necessary.”

I was thinking, “It seems to me like checking on the development of a baby and getting a better idea of the due date is medically necessary,” but I didn’t want to fight with the receptionist.  It wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  So, I said okay and hung up.  Then, I complained to my husband and friends, because it wasn’t fair (mature, I know) and asked friends who had been pregnant before about their experience.  BCBS is one of the most common providers in Iowa, so I was having a tough time believing that our plan, which is the best option the hotel offers, wouldn’t cover 1 ultrasound.  Everyone I asked told me it was ridiculous that I wouldn’t get a standard ultrasound around 20 weeks, so at least I didn’t feel like I was being a crazy, hormonal pregnant woman!!

Today, my Knight in Shining Armor arrived – aka DaddyMort.  He called the insurance company, who told him that 1 ultrasound is covered as well as any others deemed necessary by the doctor (just not an ‘elective’ ultrasound if, for example, the sex can’t be determined at this first one.)  When he explained that our Doctor’s office was telling us it wasn’t, they conducted a 3-way call between them, DaddyMort, and the Doctor’s office.

It’s amazing how the story can change when the insurance company is on the line.  The exact same receptionist told DaddyMort that “of course you have 1 ultrasound covered.  And even if you didn’t, we’d never tell someone they couldn’t get an ultrasound.  We’d always give the option of having one, but paying out of pocket.”  That is so not the conversation that had transpired 24 hours prior!!  But, I’m a grown woman who is about to have a baby, so I’m going to try to look past all of this, and just be happy that the situation has been straightened out!!

After a stern warning from DaddyMort to be nice to the receptionist (see above about being a grown woman…), I called and rescheduled our next appointment for a few days later so that we could have our ultrasound at the same time.  The big day is Thursday, January 15th.  As long as BabyMort cooperates, we’ll know (and share) if we’re having a boy or a girl in just a couple weeks!!

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“I grow babies!!”

We had people over on Sunday for a cookie exchange (yum!!) and were talking about Christmas trees – real vs. fake, who waters it, how long it stays up, etc…   A friend was mentioning that she has a hard time remembering to water their tree, and I said that I never thought about it, but maybe I would more often if it was my job.  It’s Aaron’s job though, so it just never even occurs to me.  To that, my mom lovingly asked, “What do you do around here?!?”  I quickly responded that, “I grow babies!!”

But I thought this was a good time to let you know, for those who aren’t aware, that I have an amazing husband.  I’ll admit, he probably does more around the house than I do.  He likes to cook, so he cooks most of our meals.  He doesn’t hate doing dishes by hand the way I do, so if there’s a backlog of dishes, he does the extras.  He’s okay with folding laundry one basket at a time, whereas I prefer to have a mountain on the bed to fold all at once, so he usually ends up folding.  The list goes on and on…  That’s not to say that I don’t do anything, but I know I’m a very lucky girl when it comes to the housework department.

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I’d like chips, but…

Aaron (aka DaddyMort :-D) was going to refill his coffee this afternoon and he grabbed my cup to refill my water.  Then, on his way out the door, he asked if I needed anything else.  I responded with, “I’d really like chips, so could you grab a plate for the apple??”  He was out the door for about 3 seconds before he came back in to say, “What?!?”

I explained that while I was craving chips, I knew that I should eat fruit instead.  My theory was that if I ate the apple with peanut butter, then I’d be satisfied and no longer wanting junk food.

Well, I ate the apple with peanut butter, but I wasn’t satisfied and I still wanted chips.  So…I ate chips.  But I had fruit first!!  That’s a step in the right direction, right?!?

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4 months and counting

I thought I’d put out a sort of catch-all update.  There isn’t anything BIG going on with BabyMort right now, we’re just chugging along.

-I think I’m only grasping at hope at this point, trying to wear my pre-pregnancy pants.  They can barely be zipped, an inch of zipping doesn’t do a whole lot, and the Bella Bands can only do so much.  Luckily, I was given a couple pairs of maternity pants for work (thanks!!) and I found a great deal on jeans after Thanksgiving, so I have a little to work with for the time being.  I’m trying to hold off on buying too many pairs for work until I know where I’ll be working/if I’ll have a job in a few weeks.

-I’ve never really drank much.  I don’t like beer or most wines and cocktails make me too tired to be worth it.  So, I didn’t think I’d miss it at all while being pregnant.  With the holidays coming up though, I’m wishing I could have just one glass of Riesling on Christmas Eve while opening presents or some Moscato D’ Asti while celebrating on New Year’s Eve.    Oh well!!  I’d much rather have a baby 😀

-I’m getting anxious to have our ultrasound.  I think it will be in the first full week of January sometime (waiting to hear back from the Dr’s office to know for sure.)  I grin like crazy when we hear the heartbeat, so I can’t even imagine how great it will be to actually see BabyMort!!  And, for those who don’t know: Yes, we’ll be finding out the sex (fingers crossed that his/her legs aren’t crossed!!) and Yes, we’ll be sharing the news with everyone.

-I’m amazed by how many things are labeled “no-no’s” in pregnancy.  I would be miserable if I avoided all the things that I’ve heard at some point or another that you should avoid.  I’m sticking with what I’ve been told by my doctor.  He’s pretty straightforward with us and I trust his opinion – which is good, because I don’t think I could avoid an occasional Jimmy John’s sub or a good hot shower when it’s -3 degrees in the AM.

-I haven’t decided how I feel about people touching my tummy yet.  If you don’t know me, you might just think I have a beer belly, but for those who do know me, you can definitely tell.  So a few people have touched my belly, and I didn’t mind when it was a family member, but when it was somebody at work, I felt a little iffy about it.  This person is  very sweet, kind and caring, so I know only the best intentions were involved, but still…

-I haven’t felt BabyMort move yet, but we heard movement when we heard the heartbeat last time.  I’ve been told that it can be hard to differentiate between movement and gas at first, especially with your first pregnancy.  I’ve had plenty of gas thanks to the little one, so I think it’ll have to be pretty significant movement before I really notice it.

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All Sunshine and Rainbows…

Well, not quite.  I will admit that there seem to be a few perks to the second trimester, but it’s not symptom free as I’ve heard many people describe it.  (I’m sure I’ve also read/heard from people who still had plenty to deal with, but that didn’t give me as much hope, so I probably blocked most of it out!!)  

The nausea seems to have subsided some, and I think I’ve learned how to deal with it before I become absolutely miserable.  I can keep my eyes open past 8pm, but I’ll still sleep for 12 hours given the chance.  The taste or texture of some foods still disgusts me, but I’ve learned to suffer through it for some foods, such as apples, realizing that it won’t actually make me sick.  I still wake up during the night to use the restroom and I don’t expect that to stop, even though I’ve heard it goes away for many women for a few months.  And I still get sick every now and then, mainly from coughing or brushing my teeth, but, sadly, I think I’ve even gotten used to that a little and can pick myself up and move on rather quickly.

However, there is one symptom that I’m not happy to still be dealing with and haven’t adjusted to – constipation.  I’ve had a belly-ache and felt fairly miserable since Saturday evening.  I called my doctor’s office yesterday and spoke to a nurse, who’s suggestions were to use some sort of fiber supplement, Colace, increase my intake of fruits and veggies and drink lots and lots of fluids.  (Apparently increasing fiber without increasing fluid intake has the opposite of the desired effect.)

Today I decided to keep track of my fluid intake  to make sure I’m getting enough.  I’ve been told that pregnant women should get about 80 oz. a day- water is best, but anythng other than soda and coffee counts – which seems almost impossible, especially given the number of trips to the bathroom that means 😀  So, I thought that keeping a record would be a good reminder for me, help me to see how much I’m actually drinking and hopefully be encouraging if I made it to 80+ oz.

  • 12 oz. of 100% Apple Juice with Benefiber before work.
  • 16 oz. jug of water finished at 9:15 am.
  • 8 oz. hot tea finished at 11 am.
  • 16 oz. jug of water finished at 1 pm.
  • 16 oz. jug of water finished at 3:45 pm.
  • Another 8 oz. of water before I left work.
  • 12 oz. Crystal Light with Benefiber with dinner.
  • 12 oz. water finished at 9pm.

Total fluid intake: 100 oz!!

Now I just need to figure out a way to reduce the number of trips to the bathroom…

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Like Preschool Graduation

We’ve made it through the first trimester and officially ‘graduated’ to the second trimester.  It sort of reminds me my preschool graduation.  My mom and grandparents were in attendance, we had a grand entrance followed by songs with hand actions and everything and to top it off, we had construction paper graduation caps.  Even though it was a big celebration, there was so much more to do after preschool – the rest of grade school, middle school, high school and then college. 

Making it through the first trimester is a big accomplishment.  The risk of miscarriage drops significantly in the second trimester and BabyMort, the size of a lemon, can do all kinds of great things now – smile, frown and suck its thumb.  But there’s a lot more ahead of us – 26 weeks of pregnancy, 18 years of trying to raise a happy, healthy child and a lifetime of being a parent.

For now, I’m going to celebrate this accomplishment and try to enjoy the experience, not fully realizing what lies ahead – a sort of 4-year-old sense of naivety.

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