Like Preschool Graduation

We’ve made it through the first trimester and officially ‘graduated’ to the second trimester.  It sort of reminds me my preschool graduation.  My mom and grandparents were in attendance, we had a grand entrance followed by songs with hand actions and everything and to top it off, we had construction paper graduation caps.  Even though it was a big celebration, there was so much more to do after preschool – the rest of grade school, middle school, high school and then college. 

Making it through the first trimester is a big accomplishment.  The risk of miscarriage drops significantly in the second trimester and BabyMort, the size of a lemon, can do all kinds of great things now – smile, frown and suck its thumb.  But there’s a lot more ahead of us – 26 weeks of pregnancy, 18 years of trying to raise a happy, healthy child and a lifetime of being a parent.

For now, I’m going to celebrate this accomplishment and try to enjoy the experience, not fully realizing what lies ahead – a sort of 4-year-old sense of naivety.


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