I’m totally, mostly, 95% sure!!

My mom asked me yesterday if I’d felt the baby move yet.  I told her that I wasn’t really sure, because I was told that at first it just sort of feels like gas bubbles, which I have plenty of!!  There’s been a few times when I thought something felt a little different than “normal” gas, but I wasn’t really sure.  My doctor said I should expect to feel “non-gassy” movement – a very technical term – between about 18-20 weeks.  I’m 18.5 weeks, so I was trying to patiently wait until I felt BabyMort move.

Then, last night, I was laying on my tummy for a few minutes while Aaron rubbed my back.   After about a minute, I felt sort of like someone had poked me under my belly button.  I thought, “Oh man!! That was BabyMort…I think!!”  It happened again a few seconds later and then a few more times – probably 5 or 6 in total.  I told DaddyMort that I thought I’d felt BabyMort move…well probably.

I’m not sure why I’m so hesitant to say with conviction that I felt BabyMort move.  It’s not like anyone could even prove me wrong!!  I’m guessing once I feel it again, I’ll be more confident in saying that I felt BabyMort.  Maybe we’ll have to institute nightly back-rubs until I’m sure!!


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