Papaya anyone?

This is me at 21 weeks.
21 week Belly Shot

21 week Belly Shot

This is BabyMort, aka Chloe Mae.  Well, sort of.  She is about the size of a papaya now.  Last week the ultrasound tech guessed her weight at 12 oz, which is right on target.


It’s been a fun week.  I’m loving the prenatal yoga – it feels so good to stretch/exercise and not feel self conscious, because everyone else in the room is pregnant as well.  We got to have our ultrasound and have been able to look at and share her pictures with friends and family.  I feel her move around all the time and Aaron usually gets to feel her at least once a day as well.  Tonight, we even saw her move!!

I checked out a few books on nutrition in pregnancy today to get some ideas for well balanced meals for Chloe and I.  I also got one on the Bradley Birthing Method.  I’m not sure that this is the method we’ll use, but I want to start educating myself now on our options.



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2 responses to “Papaya anyone?

  1. Dana

    Woman! You look great!

  2. MamaMort

    Thanks Dana!!

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