What does it feel like??

DaddyMort asked me what it feels like when BabyMort is squirming around.  I’ve found that it’s a tough thing to describe.  I mean, really, there’s nothing else like it and nothing that DaddyMort could ever experience for sure!!

I was told that the early movements would feel sort of like gas.  Well, let me tell you, given how bloated I was, there’s no way I could have figured out the difference.  I’m sure she was moving around in there, but I couldn’t tell for sure.  The first time I felt her, I was laying on my tummy, and it felt like like someone was poking me with their finger (think of the Pillsbury Dough Boy) – but from the inside.  But for a week or so after that, I was never quite sure if I was feeling her again, because the movement was so random and inconsistent.

Now I can feel her more often and we can feel her from the outside quite often, so I definitely know when I’m feeling her.  But I’m still not really sure how to describe it.  The simplest description is that it feels like someone is poking me, sometimes with a little movemnt.  Which is what’s happening, but I don’t think it really captures the essence of what it really feels like.

Alas, I suppose that the joy of feeling your baby move is one of the perks that mom’s get for carrying a beautiful baby for 40 weeks.  (Although I’m not sure I’ll still be thinking it’s a joy when she’s kicking me in my ribs in a few months!!)

Anyone have any great ways to describe the feeling??


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