5 shirts, I swear!!

Can someone explain to me why the maternity sections of clothing stores (at least in Ames) only carry like 5 shirts??  I swear there were more options for pants  than for shirts – maybe like 7 or 8.  I was looking for an outfit to wear to my interview last week that looked professional and didn’t scream, “HEY, I’M PREGNANT!!”  I had recently been in Target and knew that they had nothing to offer, so I headed to the mall and looked in Younkers and JcPenneys.  Neither store had a button down shirt available in their maternity section.  In fact, in January, all they had available were baggy, short sleeved shirts with weird designs on them.  And they were like $40 a shirt – seriously, for a t-shirt??

I ended up finding a non-maternity shirt that I thought looked okay in the clearance section.  It was just long enough to cover the panel on my dress pants and not super tight.  After this experience, I have to admit that there’s a small (very small) part of me that hopes I don’t find a job before Chloe gets here, just so I can live out the rest of the pregnancy in sweatshirts and Aaron’s t-shirts, therefore avoiding any more maternity clothes shopping!!

(I just knocked on wood several times and am hoping that I’m not jinxing myself…)


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