Over 60% there…

There’s no hiding it – I’m pregnant.  According to my mom, who is completely unbiased, “I’m just so darn cute!!”  That’s good for me at least!!  At my 20 week appointment, Dr. Leeds said I was measuring small.  Luckily, at my 24 week appointment, I measured 24 centimeters, which in his words is, perfect!! 
24 week belly shot

24 week belly shot

How funny is Nick – he has to be right there every time my picture gets taken.
Chloe Mae likes to sleep all day and party all night.  She seems to like to do the worm, kick and just wiggle in general.  On Sunday morning, while I was still sound asleep, Aaron could tell Chloe was moving around a lot, so he nudged me into rolling over so that my belly was against his back.  He was then treated to a ‘backrub’ by his daughter.  Isn’t he adorable??  I got warm fuzzies when he told me about it when I woke up.
She’s about a pound and a half in weight now.   Her lungs are starting to develop for breathing in the real world and her nostrils are opening this week so that she can practice breathing.  Her fingernails and toenails are starting to grow out over her nail beds and her hair is developing color.  I also read that she’s starting to fatten up a little this week, so she won’t look quite so wrinkly.
I started working at a financial agency last week.  It’s a temp job through the end of April, because they’re so busy with tax season.  The future of the job is up in the air after that, but I’m really hoping they decide they need someone part-time starting about August 😀  I’d been holding off on buying maternity clothes, because I figured I really wouldn’t need many if I was unemployed.  A few days into last week, I realized I’d need more if I was working for the next 2.5 months, so we went shopping in Des Moines over the weekend.  My wonderful husband encouraged me to buy whatever I wanted, but staying true to form, I stuck with the sale items as much as possible.  I got some good stuff and feel cute when I go to work now instead of frumpy!!
25 weeks

25 weeks

 We also got our nursery furniture over the weekend.  We’d found a couple pieces we really liked at Homemakers, and after looking a few more places and thinking about it for a few more weeks, we decided that’s what we wanted.  The crib came with a toddler rail, so it’ll convert into a bed for Chloe in a couple years and the changing table is a dresser, with the top part being removable.  We picked it up on Monday night in my mom’s RAV.  The crib box was bigger than we thought it would be, but luckily her RAV has a luggage rack, so the nice guys at Homemakers tied it on tight and we made it back to Ames without any problems.  I’m getting antsy for the weather to improve a little so we can start working on the nursery.  We’re replacing the windows in her room, which we want to get done before we paint, since there will probably be some sheetrock repair, but don’t really want a hole in the side of our house when it’s 20 degrees outside!!


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    Woman! Lookin’ good!

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