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I love you even though I have a crazy belly button now…

"I Love You."

"I Love You."

A friend of mine posted a picture like this when she was pregnant and it definitely made me go “Awww!!”  I had to have one of my own…

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30 down, 10 to go!!

I had another doctor’s appointment today.  I’m really hoping that our doctor will be around when I deliver, because he never fails to make me laugh.  Today, he came in and started writing in my chart – putting down that it was my 30 week appointment.  Then he stopped, held my chart up and said, “Well this is just wrong.  You’re 75% done and we’re still on the first page, all black ink.  I don’t feel like I’m earning my money here!”  He proceeded to measure me and listen to her heartbeat.  He said he’d take anything, “a yeast infection or a stretch mark.  Just something so I feel better about taking the money.”  After listening to her heartbeat, he let out a big, fake yawn and said, “30 weeks and the heartbeat’s 140.  Boring…”  Then we agreed that boring is good (even if he does claim to feel guilty!!)

30 week belly shot

30 week belly shot

It’s amazing how much has changed in the 20 weeks since I wrote this post.  At 10 weeks, BabyMort weighed about a quarter of an ounce and was about an inch long.  Now, she’s about 3 pounds and 16 inches long.  Our “little kumquat” has become our “little cabbage.”  It doesn’t sound quite as endearing, does it??


I still feel sick a lot, but now it’s heartburn, not morning sickness.  The fatigue I thought I was experiencing at 10 weeks is nothing compared to how tired I am now and I still have trouble sleeping (or have trouble again – I had a few months when I felt fairly ‘normal.’)  In addition, now my everything hurts and I’ve accepted that I’ll only get more uncomfortable in the coming weeks.

However…I now have the joy of feeling her move around and knowing that “it” is a “her” (although I’d prefer if she’d keep herself out of my ribcage!!)  I’m also lucky enough to have had a healthy pregnancy, something I was very worried about at 10 weeks, when we hadn’t even heard her heartbeat yet.  The next 10 weeks don’t seem like an eternity away like 30 weeks did.  In fact, it feels like we hardly have any time at all to get ready for her arrival!!

Like I said before – We’re getting an amazing little girl out of this, so I can deal.  Plus, I’m already 75% of the way through my pregnancy!!

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Baby Slings

I really want to use a baby carrier with BabyMort – or “wear” her as the terminology goes.  There are certain benefits to baby-wearing that I’ve read over and over again.  Some of the benefits include:

  • A continuous daily relationship with a caregiver results in the most intelligent nurture of a young child. It also provides a constant and assuring presence.
  • A baby held in-arms, or worn in a sling or carrier, moves as a unit with the parent. The adult’s hands are free to care for older children and perform other tasks. Baby can calmly indicate when to be put down instead of crying to be picked up.
  • A baby whose cries are responded to promptly learns to trust. When children are accustomed to being comforted by people, not things, family relationships tend to remain simple.
  • Children integrated into the daily life of family and community have a tremendous educational advantage. Babies in-arms are mostly in a quiet alert state of consciousness, observing their surroundings from a secure perch. Older children learn lessons that are relevant and essential to their well-being.
  • Both parents and babies get their needs met by unhurried communication and humane interactions. The respect shown to small children by parents will reflect back on them in later years.
  • Wearing your baby helps harmonize your infant’s systems, because they mirror the caregivers movement, breathing, and heartbeat. These rhythms reflect the womb experience, easing the transition into the outside world.

A few of these reasons touch on this idea, but I think overall if would be a great way to bond with BabyMort.  Not to mention, it’ll leave my hands free to deal with curious and excited dogs!!

But so far, I haven’t managed to get any further than knowing that I want to be a baby-wearer.   You might be thinking, “What more is there to decide?”  Well, that’s what I thought at first too.  Turns out, there are dozens of different styles of carriers and slings.  Some are better for long-term comfort, others have easier adjustability and some are a better fit for a breastfeeding mom.  There are certain kinds that would be better for both DaddyMort and I to be able to use and others can grow with BabyMort better than some.  To top it off, I want to make my own sling (well, have someone help me make my own sling – I’m not exactly great with a sewing machine) because most slings cost at least $50 if not $100+ to purchase.  So, I have to factor in the ease of making it into my decision.

I would love input or opinions from any baby-wearers out there.  Anyone have any suggestions??


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The upside to heartburn

Yes, it’s annoying.  By mid-morning, I can’t eat or drink much of anything without feeling it.  Even water gives me heartburn, which makes me not want to drink it, which makes me dehydrated and cruddy feeling.  This week, however, I realized that there’s an upside.

A few times a day, when it gets uber-uncomfortable, I pop a couple Tums. (On a side note, my cousin kindly recommended the berry flavored, and I have to agree that they’re a little easier to choke down this way.)  I was looking at the package the other day and saw 2 Tums offers 640 mg of calcium, which is 64% of the daily recommended amount.  If I take 6 Tums a day, that’s 192%.  Combined with my prenatal and the calcium that I get from actual foods, I’m probably getting at least 450% of my needed calcium in a day.

At first glance, this seems a little excessive, but I’d much rather get “too much” calcium in a day, since it’s hard for the body to absorb and increased amounts of calcium can help prevent leg and foot cramps at night.  And according to my weekly update from BabyCenter – this week,  BabyMort starts depositing lots of calcium into her little bones daily!!

On a completely unrelated note – the counter on this blog says there are 75 days until Little Miss Chloe Mae’s expected arrival.  That’s not very many…

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29 weeks

BabyMort weighs about 2.5 pounds by now.   That’s the weight of about $4.50 worth of pennies or 10 sticks of butter.  She’s approximately 16 inches from head to toe – about the size of my laptop.  Her weight and length are about the size of a butternut squash according to BabyCenter.  One of the biggest things that Chloe’s doing this week is getting a bigger head to accomodate her growing brain!!
Our Little Squash

Our Little Squash

I think it’s ironic that she’s the size of a squash this week, because it’s one of the things DaddyMort’s been trying to get me to eat.  The Dr. suggested that an increase in potassium and calcium would help prevent charley horses.   These are the foods that I’ve been “approved” to eat by DaddyMort due to their high potassium content:
Bell pepper
Crimini mushrooms
Brussels sprouts

I have a banana every morning, either plain or in my smoothie.  I eat raw broccoli as snack every now and then and we have it with dinner a couple nights a week.  I had strawberry shortcake as my dessert several nights last week and we had baked potatoes for dinner last night.  We have some frozen butternut squash from late last fall that we’ll be pureeing in our marinara sauce later this week.  I’m thiking maybe we’ll make tuna salad for lunch later this week.  So…I’m trying!!  Let me know if you have any good ideas for working more potassium and/or calcium into my diet.*

We went to the hotel to use the fitness center on Sunday afternoon and took our swimsuits since the Dr. said I could sit in the hot tub for a few minutes.  I ended up deciding to just walk/jog some laps in the pool instead of using the treadmill, because my hip was bothering me.  I can totally see why women enjoy water aerobics during pregnancy!!  It was fantastic and I think we’ll try to make it part of our weekly routine.

29 week Belly Shot

29 week Belly Shot

Some weeks I look at my belly shot and feel cute.  Other weeks, I feel sort of frumpy.  This week I feel frumpy.  I think I’ll attribute it to the oh-so-comfy sweats I have on and the wearing of my husband’s t-shirt.  At least you can’t see my freaky belly-button this week 🙂

*Under no circumstance will I eat brussel sprouts, just for the record…

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“Drowning isn’t good for your pregnancy”

That’s what I learned at my doctor’s appointment.  Good to know!!  I was asking if he had any suggestions for my lower back pain.  He gave me a piece of paper with some exercises and said heat in the form of a heating pad or hot bath would be okay.  Then he went on to say that a lot of woman like pools, because it’s a temporary relief from the effects of gravity (but it sucks to get out) and that hot tubs are okay.  The ‘no hot tub’ rule only applies to the first 6 weeks – as long as you follow the posted instructions and don’t stay in longer than 10 minutes.  The only problem with hot tubs, according to my doc, is that “When you stand up, all the blood drains down to your feet, you pass out, hit your head and drown.  Drowning is not good for the pregnancy.”

My doctor also likes my shirt, although since there’s green in it, he thinks I should have waited until next Tuesday to wear it.  I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that man who wears scrubs and red Converse hi-tops every day likes my outfit 😀

Really, everything was fine.  I’ve gained 25 pounds so far and should gain about a pound a week the rest of the pregnancy.  Personally, I hope I won’t top the 35 pound mark, since 25-35 is my recommended weight gain, but they said I’m doing alright.  I measured just fine and when he heard BabyMort’s hearbeat he said, “That’s what a healthy baby sounds like.”

I go back in just 2 weeks this time.  I’ll have to start thinking about my outfit…

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I *heart* yoga!

For Christmas, I got a gift certificate for a 6-week prenatal yoga class.  The 6 weeks ended February 11th.  I really enjoyed the class and I wanted to continue it throughout my pregnancy.  However, it was the first time the hospital had offered the class and they didn’t get the next session scheduled right away, so I haven’t had yoga for the last few weeks.  In the same time period, I’ve been getting increasingly uncomfortable, which I suppose is to be expected, as BabyMort is taking up more space these days.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the class tonight, because I know I’ve gotten a lot bigger in the last few weeks and certain movements are definitely more awkward for me.

Well, I’m happy to report that even after a few weeks break, yoga was still fantastic!!  I got to strech and relax and didn’t even care that I was totally clumsy and have zero balance.  (I seriously almost fell over a handful of times…)  As a bonus, I feel a ton more energized than I have lately – even though I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.  Thank goodness for yoga!!

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28 weeks and counting

According to BabyCenter, BabyMort weighs about 2 1/4 pounds and is 14.8 inches long.  She can open and close her eyes – her eyes that now have cute little eyelashes.  She’s adding on body fat and her muscle tone is improving. 

I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve still been having heartburn, hip pain and lower back pain.  I’ve had trouble falling asleep the past couple nights, but I think I’m just adjusting to the time change.  The good news, is that once I’ve fallen asleep, I’ve been sleeping much better and woken up with less back achiness.  Thanks new bed!!

At 28 weeks, I’m considered to be in my 3rd trimester, regardless of what you read.  (Different sources have it starting anywhere between week 26 and now.)  28 weeks feels like a much bigger milestone for me, personally, though.  My mom delivered my older brother by emergency c-section at only 28 weeks.  When she was pregnant with me, she was put on bedrest at 28 weeks and I still arrived 7 weeks early.  

This is what my brother looked like at 2 days old.  When he was born, he weighed in at 2 pounds and was 14.5 inches long.  He spent the next 12 weeks in the hospital and had a lot of close calls.  My mom and dad were told that he would have cerebal palsy and would be in a wheelchair.  Well, 25 years later…


…here he is with his beautiful 2-day-old daughter.


Although my brother is living proof that a baby could survive, and thrive – living a normal, healthy life – if born at this point, I hope that Chloe will happily stay put for the next 12 weeks (or at least close!!) growing bigger and stronger every day.   I consider myself lucky that I’ve had a healthy pregnancy so far and hope that I will continue to be so lucky!!

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Thanks Wikipedia!!

I went to the chiropractor this morning, because my right hip and my very lower back/upper butt (for lack of a better description) have been bothering me a lot. I went about 5-6 weeks ago, and, try as he might, he couldn’t get me adjusted. I thought I’d give it another shot though, because I’m sure everything had moved around since then, so I thought he might be more successful. Well, he still wasn’t very successful, although it went a little better than last time. He focused on doing what he could for my hip, because it was the most persistent problem. Then, as I was walking out the door, he said something about coming back more often as I get closer to my due date and that a lot of women have problems with their sacrum later in pregnancy. I was in a hurry to get to work, so I didn’t ask a lot of questions, but I wanted to know what the sacrum is. In comes wikipedia…

I found out that the sacrum is my “very lower back/upper butt.”  The official Wikipedia definition  follows:
The sacrum is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity, where it is inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones. Its upper part connects with the last lumbar vertebra, and bottom part with the coccyx (tailbone).

I now have a better description!!  And my not-so-good description really wasn’t that far off – my ‘very lower back’ is the last lumbar vertebra and my ‘upper butt’ is the coccyx.  I have been trying to figure out how to explain this to my husband, mom, yoga instructor, chiropractor…for weeks now, but just sort of fumble around, because I didn’t know what to call it.  Now I feel well informed, and next time I go to the chiropractor or ask the yoga instructor about a good stretch, I’ll just let them know that my sacrum is bothering me.

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27 weeks

Holy cow!!  27 weeks – depending on what you read, I’m in my 3rd trimester.  That means we’re almost done!!  It sure feels that way at least.  There’s no hiding that I’m pregnant, even in a big hooded sweatshirt.  I have a doctor’s appointment next week and then they start coming every 2 weeks instead of 4. 

27 weeks

27 weeks

On a side note, my belly button is getting stranger every day. 
If you look closely at the picture, you can even see the top part that sticks out.

After spending time with my beautiful niece and adorable cousin, both about 3 weeks old, I’ve decided I need to work on my biceps.  Holding babies is hard work!!  As the weather is getting a little nicer, we’ve been going on walks.  There’s an occasional jaunt on a treadmill as well, but walking outside is so much better!!  Now I just have to find a way to make working my biceps more fun.  Maybe I’ll just have to work a lot of baby holding in…

I’ve been feeling pretty good, but I have been experiencing indigestion and back pain.  The first time I had indigestion, I was trying to explain it to Aaron and he kind of looked at me like I was an idiot, then told me I had heartburn.  I’d never experienced it before, so I was oblivious.  Now, I’m an expert.  We have Tums, berry flavored, next to the bed, downstairs in the family room and in my purse.  I haven’t found any specific triggers, beyond eating in general and laying down – neither of which I can avoid!!

We’ve been wanting Queen size bed for a while now.  After I got the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow it was even more needed, because the pillow and I don’t leave much room for Aaron.  Since I was having lots of back pain, and our bed was over 20 years old, we decided to get a new bed.  It’s Memory Foam, which is supposed to be great, and is supposed to keep you from feeling the other person tossing and turning.  Hopefully, the new bed, combined with visits to the chiropractor and possibly a massage, will help me get through the next few months.

BabyMort weighs about 2 pounds and is about 14.5 inches long with her legs stretched out.  She opens and closes her eyes and sucks on her fingers now.  She’s sleeping and waking on a regular schedule now, which I’ll totally believe since she gets going right as we’re laying down to sleep every night.  I haven’t noticed a pattern during the day as much, but I think that’s because I’m moving around so much more I don’t always notice her moving.

Next time you’re in the produce aisle, check out a head of cauliflower.  That’s about how big Chloe is right now.


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