Crib Safety

We were lucky enough to have someone give us a crib mattress this weekend.  Of course, then we immediately had to put the crib skirt, sheet and bumper so we could see what it all looks like.  I had about 3 seconds to enjoy it before I started worrying…

It looks cute, but should we really use a crib bumper?  Everything I read says you shouldn’t use them because of possible suffocation.  However, pretty much everyone I know still uses one.  They sell them, so how bad could they really be??  Those are my initial thoughts, but still, do I want to take the risk??

Is the mattress ‘snug’ enough?  So far, I haven’t found anything that tells me how snug a snug mattress is supposed to be, just that it should be.  Supposedly, we have a standard size crib and were given a standard size mattress, so it should fit, but I know there are slight variations.  If our crib is just slightly too big and the mattress slightly too small, that could add up to a big difference.  I assume you don’t have to wedge the mattress in every time you change the sheets, but how much space is too much space??  1/2″, 1″, 2″…I just don’t know.

Anyone have the knowledge to calm my worries??  (On this topic at least…)


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  1. Sarah

    Julia’s doctor said a bumper was fine unless she moved a lot at night, as this would make it easier for her to suffocate. However, I don’t no many infants that move (early on at least), so I found it to be safe. Once she was old enough to stand we took out the bumper, for fear that she’d stand on it and throw herself out. Don’t know much about the snugness of the mattress…

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