I want to go natural

I want to go natural.  I want to avoid a c-section.  I want BabyMort to come out when she’s ready.  I have to remind myself of these things every 5 minutes (or more often) when I have another contraction.

On Tuesday, I was 4cm, 90% effaced at -2 station.  Shortly after my appointment, I started having contractions.  By about noon on Wednesday, they were 3 minutes or so apart.  I didn’t think they were terribly painful, more uncomfortable.  When I called the doctor’s office they said I should come in and get checked out.  I was 5cm, 100% effaced at -1 station.  So, they put they set me up to monitor my contractions.  When my Dr. came in, he said I was in labor and they wheeled me over to the hospital.

Then…6 hours later, nothing had changed.  My options were to 1) wait it out at the hospital, 2) go home and wait it out or 3) have them break my water to (hopefully) speed things up.  It was not an easy decision to make, but in order to stand by our goals of letting BabyMort arrive in her own time, not using pain meds and avoiding a c-section, we decided that coming home was our best option.

So now, I’ve been having regular contractions for over 48 hours.  For the last 30 hours or so, they’ve been about every 5 minutes or less.  But they’re not staying a consistent length apart and haven’t gotten a whole lot more intense since last night, so I wait some more…



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3 responses to “I want to go natural

  1. Sarah

    It’s very possible your little girl has arrived by now… but I just wanted to say “You can do it!”. I wanted to go natural with Julia. In her timing, without medication. I had a successful labor/delivery that fit my goals. One of the best things was having my husband keep me focused on the goals when time got rough. Best of luck to you three!

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