I’m still pregnant

BabyMort changed her mind.  Friday night the contractions spread out.  Although we’re anxious to meet her, it was nice to be able to get a good night’s sleep after 3 days of regular contractions.  They were slow all day Saturday as well.  We thought we’d tempt fate and head down to Des Moines, thinking if we got further away, my water might break or the  contractions would get longer and stronger.  We seem to have odd luck like that, but not this time.  This morning  they picked back up a little – they’re about every 8-10 minutes, but still not terribly painful.

We’ve been trying to come up with the “silver lining” to this, because it’s been very emotionally and physically draining for both DaddyMort and I.  They’re all pretty meaningless and I’ve just tried to convince myself they were important, but I keep making my list none the less. Examples include:  ‘I got to watch the Grey’s Anatomy finale uninterrupted on Thursday night’ and ‘We went garage sale-ing on Saturday morning and found some good deals.’  My favorite so far, however, was when DaddyMort pointed out that due to the weather, if BabyMort had arrived earlier this week and we’d had her at home this weekend, we would have had to turn the heat back on!!


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