Bottle Warmers are amazing!

When Chloe was 12 days old, someone asked me what the best baby product we had was.  At the time, I didn’t have a great answer.  We had some things we really liked – the boppy pillow is great for feedings and for propping her up to sit and the SwaddleMe blankets are great for helping her sleep at night.    Then a few days later we purchased a bottle warmer to help DaddyMort out with his nighttime feeding.  See, I’m a lucky girl and my husband has encouraged me to pump so that he can give her 1 bottle overnight, allowing me to sleep for more than 2 hours in a row!!  The problem was, that by the time he heated up the water and then heated up the bottle in the warm water, Chloe would be screaming, which wasn’t fun for her or him and it sort of defeated the purpose, because I’d be wide awake by that point.  So, we got this:


It has a cooler section on the back that can fit 2 bottles and vials on the side for measuring the water needed to heat the bottle.  With these features, we never even have to leave her room to heat a bottle and it’s ready in about a minute – about the time it takes to change a diaper!!


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