Gripe Water

BabyMort seems to have tummy issues.  Quite often, after she eats, she just screams.  We can generally calm her down by bouncing, swaying, walking, shushing…or some combination thereof, but it usually only works for a few minutes before she’s at it again.  At night, she didn’t want to sleep in her crib, she much preferred to be held by one of us, which I think has to do with being laid down flat.  The whole situation makes DaddyMort and I miserable, not only because we’re constantly dealing with a screaming baby and little sleep, but because we wish we could make her feel better!!  I don’t think any parent likes seeing their child in pain – especially when there’s nothing you can do to make it better.

We tried gas drops after her feedings.  They seemed to help a little, but definitely didn’t solve the problem.  She went to the chiropractor, with the hopes that an adjustment (and for the record, because people give me a strange look when I tell them this, her adjustment was far different than an adult adjustment and I have full faith in Dr. Rod that he wouldn’t do anything potentially harmful to my little girl!!) would get everything lined up and help her digestive system work a little better.  Considering the physical trauma she went through during birth, we figured an adjustment made sense.  She slept a little better that night, but it was probably just coincidence, because it didn’t seem to help long term. 

Most recently, we tried Gripe Water.  It’s basically water with ginger, fennel and sometimes chamomille in it.   These herbs are all supposed to aid in digestion and help out a baby’s immature digestive system.  We gave it to her for the first time on Friday night and she spent the whole night sleeping in her crib.  She ate at 10, 1, 3, 5 and 7.  Ideally, we’d like her go longer between feedings, but her sleeping in her crib was a good first step.  We tried it again before bed last night and she slept on the exact same schedule.  We only gave her a dose after her 10PM feeding, so we might try giving her another dose midway through the night to see if that helps her sleep a little longer.  We think sometimes she’s just waking up because she’s uncomfortable, and then eats because it’s comforting.  But for now, I think we’re going to call gripe water a success!!



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3 responses to “Gripe Water

  1. Sarah

    We had stocks of gripe water on hand for the first 5 months of Julia’s life. She had really bad colic/gas and it was the only thing that helped. It got pretty expensive, but it was worth every penny!

  2. MamaMort

    Sarah – did you just give it to her when she’d get fussy or more as a preventitive measure?? Did you have a brand that you liked??

  3. Sarah

    Blakely, we used Baby’s Bliss and used it both as preventative and when she was fussy. I can’t recall how much we used in a day, but we went through a bottle every 3-4 days. I know they carry it at Walgreens and at our local whole food store for about $13. Might be cheaper elsewhere.

    And I will say this for colic: It will pass (I read your last post). Julia’s colic lasted so much longer than we thought, but now she’s a super great kiddo. If there comes a time when you think you can’t handle it and that Chloe is the crankiest baby on the block, just remember you’re not alone! Promise.

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