Serves Us Right -or- We Love Cloth!!

We went over to Aaron’s parents on Sunday afternoon to have lunch with them and decided to take Chloe swimming for the first time in their pool.  Aaron changed her diaper as he was getting her changed into her swimsuit and realized that it was the only diaper we had brought with us.  We were using disposables that day, because we had some from the diaper cake at our shower and we had been too lazy to stuff our cloth diapers, and we both just assumed that there were several in the diaper bag.  We knew we’d need another diaper for her after she got dunked in the pool, so I drove up to Ames and bought a small pack to keep at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  When I returned, I found Aaron and Chloe like this:


She’d had a blowout while I was gone, so she was awaiting my return butt-naked on her changing mat.  Thankfully, I returned before she had to do any more business…

So what does this have to do with us loving cloth diapers??  Chloe was wearing disposables for a few days last week and had one or more blowouts each day.  The last time we had her wearing disposables, she had several blowouts.  She has NEVER had a blowout in a cloth diapers.  We may end up doing diaper laundry every few days, but at least her clothes (and ours) don’t get covered in poop every day!!

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  1. Sarah

    Hannah is the same way! Put on a disposable and you’ll have a blowout for sure! But the cloth keeps it all in. Makes me not mind the bulkiness so much. 🙂

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