There’s hope for sleep…maybe??

According to the sheet we get from daycare, Chloe ate at 4PM yesterday.  She normally eats about every 3 hours, so when she started getting fussy at 7 we pulled out the bottle.  She appeared to be eating for quite some time, only to find out there was still 4oz in the bottle.  She was no longer fussy, so we didn’t push it, assuming she’d be eating it within 15-20 minutes.  She got fussy, we tried again, still nothing gone.  Then she fell asleep and slept until 10:30.  She downed her bottle and then was up every 2.5 hours to eat again, making up for the fact that she went 6.5 withou eating.

Normally, she’ll have her bedtime bottle and go down about 8:30 and then sleep until 1:30, so we get about 5 hours out of her.  If we can figure out how to recreate this 6.5 hour stretch without eating between the hours of 8:30PM and 3AM, Aaron and I would be happy (well-rested) campers!!  Sadly, I don’t think it’ll be that easy…


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