Chloe’s First School Fundraiser

Yeah, that’s right, she’s 4 months old and she’s participating in a school fundraiser.  At first, Aaron was outraged.  We already pay a ridiculous amount of money for our daughter to go there, why should we have to sell stuff on top of that?!?  But, they’re raising money to do a staff training and buy educational materials.  It’s hard to be against that.  And then he really got into the spirit of selling and now wants Chloe to “be the selling-est baby at Childserve.”

Cookies from Chloe

If you’re interested in seeing what she’s selling, you can go here and here.  You get 48 ready-to-bake cookies and somewhere between 11 and 16 oz. of the snacks.  Now we just have to figure out how many boxes of cookies dough we can fit in our freezer.  Yummy!!


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