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She is wearing the same outfit she was in her 4-month picture.  (Great planning on my part…)  She has hives and she wants to sit up on her own so badly that she almost fell out of the chair, because she didn’t want to lean back.  But…I got the picture taken!!

Chloe now likes to spend her days chewing on her fingers and toes and playing with her feet, which she only recently discovered she had.  She also likes to chew on rings, rattles, shirts, other people’s fingers, washcloths and pretty much anything she can get her little hands on.  She drools so much we often have to change her onesie or change out her bib.  She worked for weeks and weeks on rolling over from her back to her tummy.  She did it and now she’s done rolling over – been there, done that.  She likes to play in her exersaucer, grab at her feet in the Bumbo and look at herself in the mirror.

I’m probably jinxing us, but I think she might finally be figuring out sleep.  She slept straight through until 5AM a couple nights ago and made it until 5 without eating again last night.  The only bad part is, after getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep, which she’s not used to, she thinks she’s ready to be up for the day.  She’s not though – I promise.

She’s changing so much every day and we’re trying to soak up every minute we can with her and etch it into memory.  She’s amazing!!


5-months-old with my monkey


These days, I'd rather chew on him than have my picture taken with him.

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Blakely 2.0

I finally feel like me again.  I’m not the same me that I was before.  I don’t look the same as I used to, I don’t feel the same as I used to and I don’t spend my time doing the same things I used to.  But I feel like me – I’m finally comfortable in my own skin again.

Even though I’m down to my pre-baby weight, and then some, I still get the muffin-top look with almost every pair of pants – new and old.  I’ve needed new bras every few weeks since about the 20th week of pregnancy, and I’m sure I’ll have to buy a few more.  My hair is still falling out by the handful (or at least seems like it) and shows no signs of stopping.  So physically, I’m not the same and don’t expect to ever be.  I’m a lot more comfortable with my pudge and stretch marks than I was a few months ago though.

Now, when it’s just Chloe and I home in the morning, I can take a shower without her screaming the whole time.  It’s a quicker shower and I poke my head out every 30 seconds to make a funny face at her in her bouncy seat or exersaucer – but I can take a shower!!  Aaron and I get to eat a hot dinner together more often than not, occasionally even cooking it together.  Again, we often spend a good portion of dinner making faces or silly sounds in Chloe Mae’s general direction – but we can eat together!!

My life isn’t what it was, but I don’t want that life.  It took me a while to adjust – no one imagines that the baby they wait 9 months for will spend 90% of her days crying for the first 3 months.  And even if our little girl hadn’t been colicky, a baby is a big adjustment, regardless.  I’m adjusting though and I like who I am now.  I think laying on the floor in a shirt covered in slobber, snot and spit up, making faces and random sounds at my amazing little girl suits me just fine.  Maybe I’ll call myself “Blakely 2.0” from now on…


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Wordless Wednesday – Chloe’s First Pumpkin

I never seem to have the time to post anymore, so I thought I’d at least start participating in Wordless Wednesday.  (In the future, it will be truly wordless!!)


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Belated 4 month picture

I didn’t truly understand what people were talking about when they’d say, “The time goes so quickly” or “She’ll be all grown up before you know it!” until recently.  I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Happe on Friday night when he was just a few hours old.  He’s bigger than Chloe was when she was born, but he seemed soooo tiny!!  And then I looked at these pictures and there’s such a major difference in these pictures taken just 4 months apart.


vs. 4-months ago - newborn Chloe Mae!!

vs. 4-months ago - newborn Chloe Mae!!

More than that, there’s such a major difference in Chloe’s personality and how she spends her days.  Now-a-days, Chloe spends her time sitting in her bumbo, playing in her exersaucer, chewing on rings and rolling over.  Beyond that, she giggles and talks to us, sticks out her tongue and makes raspberry sounds with her lips.  And sooner than we’re ready, she’ll be crawling, then walking and running…

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