She is wearing the same outfit she was in her 4-month picture.  (Great planning on my part…)  She has hives and she wants to sit up on her own so badly that she almost fell out of the chair, because she didn’t want to lean back.  But…I got the picture taken!!

Chloe now likes to spend her days chewing on her fingers and toes and playing with her feet, which she only recently discovered she had.  She also likes to chew on rings, rattles, shirts, other people’s fingers, washcloths and pretty much anything she can get her little hands on.  She drools so much we often have to change her onesie or change out her bib.  She worked for weeks and weeks on rolling over from her back to her tummy.  She did it and now she’s done rolling over – been there, done that.  She likes to play in her exersaucer, grab at her feet in the Bumbo and look at herself in the mirror.

I’m probably jinxing us, but I think she might finally be figuring out sleep.  She slept straight through until 5AM a couple nights ago and made it until 5 without eating again last night.  The only bad part is, after getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep, which she’s not used to, she thinks she’s ready to be up for the day.  She’s not though – I promise.

She’s changing so much every day and we’re trying to soak up every minute we can with her and etch it into memory.  She’s amazing!!


5-months-old with my monkey


These days, I'd rather chew on him than have my picture taken with him.


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