6 months old

Our little girl is growing up!!  She seems to do something new and exciting almost every day. 

She’s been trying new foods the last few weeks as her bedtime snack (i.e. – we stuff her full of food to help her sleep longer at night!!)  She’s had carrots, green beans, butternut squash, bananas, applesauce and avocado along with rice cereal and oatmeal cereal.  We plan to try sweet potatoes this weekend so she can enjoy some on Thanksgiving!!  She seems to like everything we’ve given her – as Aaron says, “The only thing she doesn’t like is the bottom of the bowl.”  Now that she’s 6 months old, we’re planning on moving up to an evening meal, not a snack, and adding a morning meal.  She just recently started eating on a fairly predictable schedule, so we thought we better shake things up a bit 😛

As of last Sunday, Miss Chloe has a tooth!!  She was chewing on my knuckle and I felt something sharp.  I’ve never been so excited to be bit before!!  The poor kid has a sore on her bottom lip right by her tooth now, because she keeps chewing on it though.

In a wonderful change, Chloe no longer wakes up crying in the morning.  She wakes up giggly.  It’s fantastic!!  She purposefully grabs her toys and occasionally moves them between hands.  She can sit up fairly well on her own, but still randomly thrusts herself backwards, so we have to keep the boppy pillow around her or our hand nearby.  She’s figuring out that the buttons on her toys generally make something exciting happen, but she’s not a pro at it yet – I think it happens by accident more often than not, but it’s a start!! 

We sold our pool table which made room for a playroom for Chloe.  She doesn’t have many toys yet, but we have a gate up across the doorway and have made it into a dog-free zone, so she won’t be covered in hair or risk getting trampled when she’s playing on the floor.  Hopefully this will not only give her a safe place to play, but also allow her to develop her crawling skills soon.

Hard to believe it’s been 6 months already…


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