Alien Abduction??

I’m beginning to wonder if alien’s have abducted my baby…

In the past, she was an eating machine.  She LOVED to eat.  She would get so upset when she had to wait for a bottle that she had what we deemed the hunger-death-scream.  She seemed to suck her bottles dry, no matter how much we put in them.  When we started trying solids with her, Aaron proclaimed that “the only thing she didn’t like was the bottom of the bowl.”

The past few days though, we have to fight with her to get her to eat more than a couple ounces of breastmilk at a time.  Even her first bottle of the day, she’s not interested.  And it’s not just bottles she doesn’t want anymore, she’s not a fan of the solids anymore either.  We have to make silly faces and sing “Sweet Chloe Mae” (most people know it as “Sweet Caroline” but not in this house!!) to get more than a couple bites in her.

She’s not wasting away or anything – estimates from our home scale put her at about 19 pounds – but I can’t figure out why she’s refusing to eat and we’re all starting to get a bit cranky because of it…


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