“It’s 4:30 AM – Let’s Play!!”

That’s what my adorable daughter thinks we should do in the middle of the night.  Play.  She wakes up crying, stops as soon as we pick her up and then stares at us wide-eyed, sometimes even giggly, while we try to get her to go back to sleep.  So we’ve tried calming her down and then putting her back in her crib to hang out since she’s wide awake.  But she starts wailing within a few minutes, and that doesn’t do anybody any good at 4:30 in the morning.  So we pick her back up and….well, you get the idea.

If this was the only time she woke up during the night, it might not be bothersome, but we deem it a good night if we get at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep, which doesn’t always happen.  So what should we do??

I feel like “they” say I should just let her cry it out, but if crying is the only way she can communicate with me, how can I ignore that??



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2 responses to ““It’s 4:30 AM – Let’s Play!!”

  1. Sarah

    It’s was much harder letting Julia CIO than Hannah. I think it’s because she was my first and frankly, CIO didn’t help. With Hannah, her crying isn’t like a wailing, but more like a whimper or sleepy cry, that turns to full crying, that results in us getting her. I personally hate CIO. But, I’ve learned this much: Kids will never start sleeping through the night magically. It very well will take some CIO. But, CIO doesn’t have to be something as harsh as BabyWise and other books I dislike suggest. We always do a time limit. And I started in the day with Hannah when she was about 3-4 months old, so it wasn’t totally foreign to her come night time. With both girls, I wouldn’t even consider it until 6 months. With Julia, we really didn’t start until 10 months and it took about 4 weeks. With Hannah, we’ve only truly done it once at night, for about 1.5 hours. It helped, as she’s knocked off waking up every 1.5-2 hours. But, she still doesn’t sleep through the night. Which is fine with me for now. My only suggestion: do what seems best for y’all. I only felt comfortable letting Julia cry for 30 mins tops. Hannah has “cried” for an hour before I’ve responded. I know that sounds AWFUL, but when it’s not a true cry and just a whimper, I don’t see as much need to “help”.

  2. MamaMort

    I think Chloe is more like Julia – she definitely wails!! For 2 nights we let Chloe cry the first time she woke up. We’d go in as soon as we heard her crying, give her back her little monkey blanket and pacifier and walk out. If she was still crying, we’d let her cry for about 3 minutes before going back in and replacing the monkey and pacifier again. We did this over and over again until she went back to sleep. After 2 nights, we decided we needed the sleep, so we modified our plan a bit. A couple weeks later, she isn’t waking up nearly as often and the only time we pick her up is to give her the 1 overnight bottle she still gets, so we’ve made some improvements. And for now, we’re okay with her not being a perfect sleeper.

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