30 Minutes or Less and It’s a Success!!

What’s “it” you might ask??  “It” is any meal served to Chloe Mae.  If she’s in and out of her highchar and eats a good chunk of food in less than 30 minutes I am one happy MamaMort!!  Only a half hour to feed an 8 month old might not seem like much of a triumph to some, but Miss Punky Brewster has a bit of an idependent side to her (no idea where that came from!!) and does not want to eat anything we try to give her on a spoon. 

When she first started giving us a hard time, we ran the gambit trying to figure out why she wouldn’t eat.  Did she develop a sudden aversion to green beans??  That must be it, because she’s chowing down the bananas!!  Then she started putting up a fight for carrots and sweet potatoes.  Maybe she’s too tired at dinnertime when we’re giving her veggies??   Well there’s the answer, because she really doesn’t fight us in the morning or at daycare.  Then daycare was lucky if they could get more than a couple spoonfuls in her and she was fighting us a couple mornings as well.  It must be the distractions!!  There’s too many other kids at daycare and the dogs must be distracting her at home… 

We came up with all kinds of theories on why she wouldn’t eat off a spoon for us.  Then one night she was happily eating chunks of sweet potato, but refused the exact same sweet potato in the mashed up form on the spoon.  At that point we just decided that it’s because she’s stubborn!!  So we’ve adapted – isn’t that what being a parent is all about?!?

So now at dinnertime she gets finger food while we’re eating – chunks of sweet potatoes or carrots, peas, green beans – and some of what we’re eating when possible – beans from our soup or pieces of pasta and garlic bread.  Then when we’re done, we sneak bites of baby food in when we can to help fill her up.  Since she’s had ample time to feed herself without us trying to feed her, and making her mad, she’s usually a little more willing to eat off the spoon.  And she’s fed herself enough that we don’t need to feed her quite as much baby food.

For the moment, we’ve adapted and mealtime isn’t stressful.  And next week, when she decides that practicing her pincer grasp and feeding herself is no longer the thing to do, hopefully we’ll be quicker to adapt!!

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