9 Months old!!

At her 9 month check-up, Chloe weighed 19 lb, 12 oz (down from 20 lb. 10 oz from the week before when we were in for an ear infection).  She was 28″ long and her head is 47cm around.  Her height and weight are somewhere around the 50-75th percentile, but her head circumfrence is literally off the charts!!  Her doctor actually put notes in to monitor her head growth.  I’m not sure what a big head could indicate, but hopefully it just means she has a giant brain 🙂

Chloe Mae isn’t crawling yet, but she scoots around on her butt and tummy both.  She’s a champion stander and hasn’t developed any fear yet, so she’ll often let go of whatever she’s holding onto and stand for a few seconds before toppling down. She enjoys playing with balls, banging things together and she’s a ring stacking machine!!  (Click the link to see a video.)

Being sick for the last few weeks and in the hospital this week kinda made us take a step back on a few things.  We’re struggling with getting her to drink her fluids, so we’ve added an overnight feeding back in just weeks after weaning her off.  After not eating solids for a week, we’re fighting her on that more than before.  I’ve gotten our Maya Wrap back out and am trying to master wearing her on my hip so she can be with me at all times, because she has become very clingy this week.  We’re not sure if it’s just because of the trauma of her hospital stay or because of separation anxiety that often emerges at this age, but we can’t even set her on the floor of the kitchen while we empty the dishwasher anymore – she needs to be held!!

Despite our recent struggles, we’re loving this age!!  She has such a genuine smile and we’ve heard real giggles a few times during tickle sessions. We have real conversations, even though no one knows what we’re saying.   It’s almost fun to leave her at daycare in the morning, just to see her adorable wave on the way out, but it’s even better to go pick her up.  At the sound of our voices, she turns, shoots us a huge grin and waves excitedly until we pick her up. 

Here she is, our adorable 9 month old (barely a) baby girl!!


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