Homemade Baby Food

We’ve been planning on and excited to make Chloe’s baby food since before she was even born.  We saved some veggies from our garden to make her first foods – carrots, green beans and squash.  It was organic – because we use a “plant it and forget it” method with our garden.  We made it and froze it before she even started eating cereal.  Once she started eating other foods, it was easy to just pull out a cube or two and we were set.

Then Chloe Mae started eating 3 cubes at a time and twice a day, then three times a day…. We quickly ran out of food.  We had a marathon food making session that started one Saturday morning while Chloe was at my mom’s and lasted most of the weekend (one main problem was that we have a limited availability of ice cube trays to freeze her baby sized portions in).  That food lasted us just a couple weeks before we were needing to make more.  In addition to her pureed food, we were trying to figure out finger foods we could make up ahead of time, because somebody is too independent to eat off a spoon without a fight.  So while we still made her food, it was feeling like more of a strain.  We weren’t going to stop though, because this was the choice we’d made for both financial reasons (seriously, it’s probably 1/5 of the cost to make our own versus buying store bought) and in the hopes that we were starting our daughter out down the right path with a healthy, free of additives and preservatives, diet.

In comes my love of bananas and apple/pear sauce.  Bananas are by far the easiest.  Buy a few bananas, forget about them for a while, then mash up and feed.    Applesauce and pearsauce aren’t a whole lot more difficult.  We just peel the fruit, core it and cut into chunks.  Then put it in the crock pot, forget about it for 4-5 hours, then throw in the blender or food processor.  It’s pure fruit, pretty easy and very delicious!!



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2 responses to “Homemade Baby Food

  1. Becky

    Do you have the Super Baby Food book? It has recipes for babies and toddlers, and I can still find things in there that Will and I would eat! Not sure if you’re making her cereal as well, but the super porridge saved us. With as much as Will ate, the porridge was a must-have to keep him full!

  2. MamaMort

    We don’t have any books. So far, we’ve just pureed up whatever fruit/veggie/meat combo sounds like it might not be disgusting…

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