“Mom, you’re so boring!!”

I think this is what Chloe Mae is thinking every morning when she’s home with me.  I don’t have to be to work until 10AM, so we get some time to hang out in the morning.  Normally, our schedule looks something like this:

  • She wakes up about 6:45, has a bottle and gets her diaper changed.
  • Then from about 7:15-7:45 she “helps” dad get ready while I grab a quick shower.
  • At 7:45 we watch dad leave and Chloe waves at him until she can’t see his car anymore.  Then sometimes a little longer…
  • Then I get Chloe’s breakfast ready while she empties out an entire drawer of plastic bowls, bibs and sippy cups 🙂
  • From about 8:15 – 9 we attempt to play, usually in her playroom. 
  • At 9, I change her diaper, get her dressed for the day and we load up to go to daycare.

Here’s where the “Mom, you’re so boring!!” part comes in.  The 8:15 – 9 segment of our day is usually spent with Miss Chloe crying and fussing after just a few minutes.  It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, she just seems to hate it after a few minutes.  If however, I get her dressed early and we go on a ‘field trip’ – to the hotel to see dad and Nanna, to my office to see the ladies or even just to Target – she’s happy as a clam.  Whenever she’s had a particularly cranky morning, I like to inform daycare.  But no sooner have I gotten the words “She’s a little cranky today” out of my mouth before she’s waving and smiling at Rendee and Clara and talking and playing with her friends.

I was prepared for the fact that someday Chloe would no longer think I was cool and would not want to hang out with me.  I just thought she’d be a little older when it happened…


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