Babyproofing – Cleaning Supplies

We are not as babyproofed as we should be.  Chloe took her sweet time starting to crawl, so even though we kept saying “We really need to get everything babyproofed” we were really in no rush.  Now that she’s been crawling for a couple weeks, we’re working on getting more of it done, but she’s still not very quick, so neither are we. 

However, we have had this done for months:

I moved all of our cleaning supplies from under our sink to an upper cabinet. 

We plan on putting the cabinet/drawer locks on everything in our kitchen and bathroom, but I’m not sure how much I trust them.  I trust them enough to keep her out of the drawer that holds our whisk and cheese grater, but if she does manage to get into that drawer, I don’t think a couple minutes with a cheese grater is going to do as much harm as a couple minutes with Windex could.

So I just moved all of our cleaning supplies far out of her reach.  And I’ll still be putting locks on that cabinet, so a few years from now when she figures out how to crawl up onto the countertops, it’ll take her a while to get into it.


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