Why I Love Childserve: Reason #297

There are many reasons why I love Childserve, Chloe’s daycare.  Reasons #1, #2, #3….are Rendee and Clara, Chloe’s 2 full-time caregivers and all of the other wonderful people who take care of her while we work.

This is another one.  This is part of her “progress report” for March.

  • My favorite activity of the month is: Crawling all over the room and pushing the push toys on my knees.
  • My favorite food is:  Crackers and bread. I mostly just like sitting at the table with everyone else.
  • I’m working on and learning how to do this for the month: Standing in my crib and pulling myself up to the shelves to get all the rest of the toys.

"The day Clara did art I tried to eat it."

"St. Patrick's Day Jello. I didn't know how to pick it up....so I sucked it off the table!"

"Mom said I didn't eat my toast for breakfast, but I ate all Clara's Birthday Cake."


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