Our Daughter Sleepstands

Is “sleepstand” a word??  Probably not, but that’s what she does!!  Several nights recently we’ve had this happen… 

We put Chloe Mae to bed and head downstairs to watch some TV.  We have a video monitor, but we usually don’t pay much attention to the picture when we’re downstairs, we just have the sound on quietly and can hear if she’s crying.  But a few times recently some movement has caught my eye about 20-30 minutes after we put her down.  I’ll glance at the monitor and see that Chloe is standing up in her crib.  So we go upstairs to lay her back down (because she can’t seem to figure out how to get herself back down when she’s sleepy) and find her with her head laying on the crib rail, completely asleep.  And she wasn’t  making any noise before she stood up, so we can only assume that she’s doing this in her sleep!!

If I didn’t think a flash in her dark room would not only wake her up, but also make her angry, I’d take a picture of this adorable sight.  Instead, you’ll just have to take my word on it that it’s cute!!


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