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This kid…

Chloe Mae baffles me.  We can give her a few Cheerios and some water at snack time and she ends up with half of it in her hair.  She gets food in parts of her hair I didn’t know she could reach.  However, when we give her an entire cake, covered in hot pink buttercream, and let her go to town with it, she doesn’t get a single speck in her hair!!

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One Year Old – Seriously?!?

We survived the first year!!  It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in the last year, on a daily basis even, and everyone’s right when they say it just gets better and better!!

In the last few weeks, she has started signing ‘more,’ playing Patty Cake with us and cruising around the furniture.  She’s so close to walking – she just doesn’t realize she could do it if she tried!!   We’re still amazed by how quickly she can learn new things.  Last week, out of the blue, she crawled up the entire flight of stairs.  She had never made it up even one stair before. 

Aaron and I took the day off work today and spent the day with our beautiful little girl, celebrating her first year.  We’re so looking forward to the next 17 (and more) years with her!!


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One Year Ago Today…

Actually, one year ago RIGHT NOW is when I discovered what true contractions felt like.  They had just announced the winner of Survivor.  It took another 3 hours, a hot shower and a call to Birthways before I believed that I was really, truly in labor and it wasn’t just the same nagging contractions I’d been having for 5 days at this point.

I’m amazed to think about how much our lives have changed in the last year!!


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Ears, Hands, Feet, Mouth…

*Warning: The following post contains ridiculous amounts of whining.

Chloe’s got problems with them all!!    She’s been on antibiotics 6 different times since Christmas for ear infections.  We’re headed to the ENT on May 24, but we’re hoping that the Augmentin wipes this ear infection out before then.  We’ve been dealing with the current ear infection for over 2 weeks now and it’s no fun!!

In addition, we suspect she now has Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.  Some kids at daycare had it this week, and now she’s getting spots near/on her mouth.  She also has spots on her forearms, knees and diaper area.  None on the palms of her hands or soles of her feet though, and they’re just spots, not blistery, so we really have no idea what’s going on.

Here’s where the whining comes in though….  #1) I know we have a relatively healthy baby, but I’m so tired of her being sick!!  I barely know how a healthy Chloe would act, because it seems like she’s been sick for months now with ear infections and colds.  We thought it would get better when winter was over, but it seems like it’s only gotten worse.  #2) Her birthday is on Tuesday and it’s really not fair if she’s sick and is covered in a rash/blisters on her birthday.  I don’t care if it’s her first birthday and she won’t remember it anyways.  Aaron and I both have the day off work and were planning on starting a tradition of spending the whole day together doing fun things.  And we had her 1-year pictures / family pictures planned for her birthday.  I don’t really want to get her pictures done if she has blisters all over her face.

So there it is.  We’re all sick and tired of Chloe being sick and tired.  And I think we’re all getting a little whiney!!

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One Year Ago Today…

And so it begins.  The annual re-telling of the events leading up to Chloe’s birth.  I’m sure I’ve heard these stories from my mom 24 times now and I would be truly disappointed if this year I didn’t hear, “Twenty-five years ago today you just about gave your Grammie a heart attack because they kept losing your heartbeat on the monitors.” or “Twenty-five years ago today the doctor’s said you needed to wait at least another week to be born.  You were born tomorrow.”  It’s my story, and at this point, it’s tradition!!  So now Chloe Mae’s story starts…

One year ago today I was admitted to the hospital, with my doctor declaring that I was in labor.  Then my labor stalled out.  I wanted to have a natural birth, so I was trying to avoid any and all interventions.  So I went home (less than a half mile from the hospital!!) to wait it out.  The nurses all expected I’d be back within a day or two, because I was already 5cm dilated and 100% effaced.  Boy where they wrong!!


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“Mac & Veg”

Mac & Veg is one of Chloe’s favorite dishes.  Somehow, though, “Mac & Veg” doesn’t sound nearly as delicious as “Mac & Cheese.”  And really, it’s Mac, Veg & Cheese.  Regardless of the name, Chloe loves it, we think it’s delicious and it has vegetables in it, so it’s a keeper!!  Here’s how we make it:

  • We use this recipe as our inspiration. 
  • It calls for 8 oz. of pasta.  We make a whole box (13 oz.) but use the measurements in the recipe for everything else.  Additionally, we use whole wheat pasta for an added health kick.
  • Then, to stretch our sauce (and be tricky parents) we put 1 mashed sweet potato and about the same amount of pureed zucchini.
  • Bake as directed and enjoy!! 

It’s truly delicious.  It makes great leftovers.  It even freezes well in cube form and defrosts quickly.

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Our Unique Style of Parenting

During mealtime, Chloe will often take her sippy cup by both handles and smash it on her tray over and over again.  We’ve tried teaching her that that’s not okay, but of course, she’s not even 1 (I can still say that for a week!!) so it doesn’t really sink in.  Tonight our explanation went something like this:

“Chloe, you can’t pound your cup on your tray.  The only things we pound in this house are ‘knucks.’  See, like this: *mom and dad demonstrate pounding it.*”

Then Chloe wanted to try and giggled like crazy when she got to pound it.  Someday she’ll think we’re the biggest dorks, and she’ll probably be justified in thinking so, but for now we’ll just have a great time together!!

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