Girls Night Out

Aaron was kind enough to let me enjoy a girls night out a few weekends back.  This was our exchange while I was out:

Aaron said: “Dinner was a little rough without you, but we made it through. We love you and hope you’re having fun! 


I replied: “Eating blizzards without you is rough too, but we’ll make it! “

To which Aaron replied: “You are such a trooper. Don’t try bringing me one. I’ll just go without.” 

Then a few minutes later he said: “Just thinking about blizzards and how much I love you. Hope you’re having fun. I love you.”

Then he said: “Never mind on the blizzard. I’m snacking on a sock as C advised. Love you!”

I just about died laughing!!  I had a great time out with friends, but I was happy to go home to my hilarious husband as well.

And, yes, I know we’re complete dorks!!



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2 responses to “Girls Night Out

  1. That’s fantastic! Isn’t it great having men who can make us laugh!

  2. Becky

    Please tell me that was a clean sock 🙂

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