Our Unique Style of Parenting

During mealtime, Chloe will often take her sippy cup by both handles and smash it on her tray over and over again.  We’ve tried teaching her that that’s not okay, but of course, she’s not even 1 (I can still say that for a week!!) so it doesn’t really sink in.  Tonight our explanation went something like this:

“Chloe, you can’t pound your cup on your tray.  The only things we pound in this house are ‘knucks.’  See, like this: *mom and dad demonstrate pounding it.*”

Then Chloe wanted to try and giggled like crazy when she got to pound it.  Someday she’ll think we’re the biggest dorks, and she’ll probably be justified in thinking so, but for now we’ll just have a great time together!!


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One response to “Our Unique Style of Parenting

  1. Aaron

    Much like her father, Chloe’s favorite part was when we “sploded it”. You just can’t pound knucks without ‘sploding it at the end. Booyah!

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