One Year Ago Today…

And so it begins.  The annual re-telling of the events leading up to Chloe’s birth.  I’m sure I’ve heard these stories from my mom 24 times now and I would be truly disappointed if this year I didn’t hear, “Twenty-five years ago today you just about gave your Grammie a heart attack because they kept losing your heartbeat on the monitors.” or “Twenty-five years ago today the doctor’s said you needed to wait at least another week to be born.  You were born tomorrow.”  It’s my story, and at this point, it’s tradition!!  So now Chloe Mae’s story starts…

One year ago today I was admitted to the hospital, with my doctor declaring that I was in labor.  Then my labor stalled out.  I wanted to have a natural birth, so I was trying to avoid any and all interventions.  So I went home (less than a half mile from the hospital!!) to wait it out.  The nurses all expected I’d be back within a day or two, because I was already 5cm dilated and 100% effaced.  Boy where they wrong!!



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2 responses to “One Year Ago Today…

  1. Aaron

    I forgot how good you looked when you were pregnant. You look good now too, don’t get me wrong.

    What a year it has been. There isn’t anyone that I would have rather shared it with than you. I love you and I love the family that we are making.

  2. While I certainly can’t top Aaron’s sentiments, I do agree. You looked beautiful, and I still love this picture! Can’t wait to hear all the rest of the “one year ago” stories!

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