Ears, Hands, Feet, Mouth…

*Warning: The following post contains ridiculous amounts of whining.

Chloe’s got problems with them all!!    She’s been on antibiotics 6 different times since Christmas for ear infections.  We’re headed to the ENT on May 24, but we’re hoping that the Augmentin wipes this ear infection out before then.  We’ve been dealing with the current ear infection for over 2 weeks now and it’s no fun!!

In addition, we suspect she now has Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.  Some kids at daycare had it this week, and now she’s getting spots near/on her mouth.  She also has spots on her forearms, knees and diaper area.  None on the palms of her hands or soles of her feet though, and they’re just spots, not blistery, so we really have no idea what’s going on.

Here’s where the whining comes in though….  #1) I know we have a relatively healthy baby, but I’m so tired of her being sick!!  I barely know how a healthy Chloe would act, because it seems like she’s been sick for months now with ear infections and colds.  We thought it would get better when winter was over, but it seems like it’s only gotten worse.  #2) Her birthday is on Tuesday and it’s really not fair if she’s sick and is covered in a rash/blisters on her birthday.  I don’t care if it’s her first birthday and she won’t remember it anyways.  Aaron and I both have the day off work and were planning on starting a tradition of spending the whole day together doing fun things.  And we had her 1-year pictures / family pictures planned for her birthday.  I don’t really want to get her pictures done if she has blisters all over her face.

So there it is.  We’re all sick and tired of Chloe being sick and tired.  And I think we’re all getting a little whiney!!


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