Chloe’s Birthday Party

Chloe’s first birthday party was amazing.  We had fantastic weather, delicious food and were surrounded by wonderful family and friends.  For our little monkey girl, we had a monkey theme.  Thanks to Google, we were able to make these cupcakes.

The cupcakes were not only cute, but delicious.  Chloe was too distracted to eat any of her lunch, but her focus was intense once she saw the cupcake.  (That’s my girl!!)  Note to self for future parties: Don’t wear a white shirt if you’re going to be holding a toddler eating chocolate frosting…

Then it was  present time!!  Chloe loved being the center of attention, pulling and ripping all the paper, and exploring all of her new toys and clothes.

Isn’t she amazing and adorable?!?


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One response to “Chloe’s Birthday Party

  1. What fun! Chloe IS amazing and adorable, and can I say that you’re looking pretty beautiful yourself Mama? Even if you did have chocolate on your shirt 🙂

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