A big head and low iron

Chloe’s 1 year check-up was traumatic for all involved.  She got a black eye about 15 minutes before we left for the doctor’s.  After having barely recovered, she was poked and prodded by the nurse and doctor.  The hysterics really started when she had to sit on the scale!!  I think her beloved monkey blanket was weighed with her to keep the crying to a minimum.  In case you were wondering, Chloe and Monty (her monkey) weigh 21 pounds, 12 ounces.

She actually did pretty well with Dr. Patten this time around though.  Chloe Mae even let the doctor pick her up and listen to her with the stethoscope while Aaron and I measured each other’s heads.  Yes.  You read that right.  We had to measure our heads at her appointment.  Chloe’s head has always been big, but at her last 2 check-ups, Dr. Patten has come in and said, “Well that can’t be right!!” when she sees Chloe’s head measurement chart.  So she re-measures and finds out that it is right.  Chloe’s head size is literally off the charts!!  She doesn’t think it’s probably anything to worry about, but decided to get our measurements and take a look at some info on parental head size and head growth.

Then came time for the shots.  There are 4 shots at the 1-year check-up.  When the nurse walked in, I asked if it was possible to get another nurse to help so Chloe could get 2 shots at a time and get it over with.  I’m so glad I did, because I don’t think Chloe took a breath from the time she got the first 2 shots until I was finally able to pick her up after the band-aid application.  We calmed her down and fed her some Cheerios, which cheered her up just in time to get her finger pricked!!

We got done and thought, “Whew!!  Glad we’re done with that until her 18-month check-up in November!!”  *sigh*  Not so fast.  I had a message later that day saying Chloe’s hemoglobin was low and they wanted her to come in for repeat bloodwork.   The nurse also suggested that we try to feed Chloe a lot of meat, because that would help raise her iron levels.  Sh-yeah.  Good luck with that!!  Our little girl is not a meat eater.  We made an effort to remember her multi-vitamin and took her back in earlier this week to have her blood drawn again.

Dr. Patten herself called us back today to update us.  She said based on our head sizes, she doesn’t think Chloe’s head size is anything to worry about, but just to be safe, she’d like to see Chloe again when she’s 15 months to re-check it.  At the same time, we’ll re-check her bloodwork.  She said her hemoglobin was up a little bit this week and she doesn’t think her low levels are from a lack of iron, but from something like ‘erythroblastemia’ which Chloe will outgrow.  I wish I had actually talked to her so I could find out exactly what she was talking about, but apparently it’s nothing to worry about, so maybe it’s better if I can’t spend too much time Googling it!!

At least there won’t be any shots at her 15-month check-up…


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