Setting boundaries

This is my daughter, playing with a picture frame that rotates sort of like a ferris wheel. 

It’s on 1 of 2 matching bookshelves in our living room that are filled with knick-knacks (reads – things Chloe shouldn’t play with.)  She discovered this picture frame last week and was completely enthralled by it.  She leaves everything else on the shelves alone and is generally pretty careful with the picture frame, especially after a kind reminder to “be gentle.”  So now we ask ourselves, do we continue to let her play with it?  What is she’s playing with it some day when we’re not right there and she pulls it off, the glass breaks and she hurts herself??  Would we be better off stopping her now before she forms bad habits?

The last one is what I lean towards, but just look at the picture.  She looks so happy to be playing with it!!


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