“Seriously Dudad, what are you doing?!?”

After returning from a weekend in the Amanas with family, Aaron and I wanted to head to Coldstone for some birthday ice cream (I didn’t want to risk my coupon expiring!!)  However, I can admit, I’m selfish and I didn’t want to share my ice cream with Chloe Mae.  She knows her stuff – she would not just let us eat our ice cream in peace without getting her share!!  So what did we do??  We dropped her off at Nanna and Dudad’s, just in case they hadn’t gotten enough of her over the weekend 🙂

We took her down to their house in her beloved wagon.  (She has discovered that we store the wagon in the garage and will beat on the garage door until we open it and give her a ride.)  So when Chloe Mae started getting cranky, because it was close to bedtime and she’d skipped her afternoon nap, Nanna and Dudad took her on a ride.  Well, Nanna took her on a ride and Dudad documented the experience.

I think this picture is hilarious, because she looks so confused, wondering, “Seriously Dudad, what are you doing?!?”


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