A “quiet” day at home

Two weekends ago we spent the weekend in the Amana’s with my family at our annual reunion.  We stopped in Iowa City on our way over on Friday to visit some friends of mine.  The rest of our weekend was spent playing with cousins, eating, and playing some more.  We were exhausted when we got home.

There are pictures of me over the years on this same horse in the Amanas. Unfortunately, Chloe did not enjoy her first "ride."

After a week at work, we packed up and drove almost 6 hours to Springfield, IL to visit Aaron’s sister and her family for the 4th of July weekend.  We spent another weekend playing and eating, and added a trip to the zoo and swimming.  Again, when we got home, we were exhausted!!

At the Springfield Zoo, checking out the ducks with her fantastic cousin, Emma.

This weekend was our chance to sit back and relax.  So what have we done??  We’ve made apple-pear-sauce, granola bars, vanilla wafers, zucchini bread, breakfast casserole for tomorrow and got started on homemade ravioli (stay tuned this week for some recipes).  When we weren’t cooking or doing dishes, we also played with the most adorable little girl ever and took a trip to the wading pool at Brookeside park.

What we did on our "quiet" weekend at home.

Maybe we’ll find some time tomorrow to relax.  After we finish up the ravioli, vacuum the whole house, clean the bathrooms and do a few loads of laundry – of course!!


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