Oh, the things she does!!

Chloe Mae is turning into such an amazing, funny little girl.  She makes us laugh every day now, sometimes for things we shouldn’t be laughing at – like when we tell her “No” and she looks at us, giggles, and goes right back to what she was doing that she shouldn’t.  We know we shouldn’t laugh, but it’s hard not to when she’s so darn cute!!  Here are some of the Chloe Mae highlights, as of late:

  • Anytime I try to eat, Chloe sounds like one of the seagulls from “Finding Nemo” only she says “Moh, moh!!” (More, more!!) instead of “Mine, mine!!”  Whatever mom eats, Chloe needs.  Now, this might sound fairly normal for a child of her age, but notice that I said whatever mom eats, Chloe needs.  Not dad, not Nanna, not cousins, not anybody but mom.  Aaron and I were both eating a slice of PB Toast for breakfast and Chloe was following me around asking for more.  I made a comment about how I wasn’t going to have any left for me, so Aaron offered Chloe a piece of his.  She refused.  So I tried to give her the same piece from Aaron’s piece of toast and she shot me a look like, “How dumb do you think I am?!?” and refused it again.  This happens daily, and although slightly annoying, I also think it’s amusing.
  • She has claimed a down blanket the was on our couch in the family room.  She regularly pulls it down onto the floor and loves to plop down on it (like full-on-she’s-going-to-get-hurt-if-she-misses-the-blanket-plopping!)  Then she looks at us with a smirk on her face until we come over and tickle her.  Then Chloe rolls around on the blanket laughing, until she realizes we’ve stopped tickling, gives us another little smirk and waits for the tickling to commence…
  • Chloe Mae loves shoes (who can blame her?!?), socks, hats and personal hygeine.  Anytime she sees the bin where we keep her shoes, the cubby that her hats are in or a pair of socks in our hands, she points, says “Dah!” and does her little made up sign language until she gets it.  And when I’m in the bathroom getting ready, she always needs either her toothbrush or hairbrush – and she knows just what they’re for!!
  • Chloe has caught on to Aaron’s morning routine and knows when he’s about ready to leave the house.  She toddles over to the door and pounds on it until I come over and put shoes on her so we can go outside and wave good-bye as Daddy drives away.  I’m sure it’s quite a sight in the morning, because she’s usually outside in her PJ top, diaper and jelly shoes.  It’s a look I’m sure only she can pull off!!

I could go on and on with all the ways that our growing little girl continues to amaze me every day, but instead I better load the dishwasher or work on some laundry so our amazing little girl has dishes to eat (my) food from and clean clothes to wear when she’s getting tickled 🙂


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  1. Love that little girl!

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