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When do we ‘put our foot down’?

I feel like every meal we give Chloe is a fight.  This happens off and on, but has been horrible for the past week or so.  We think she might have a tooth coming in right now, so maybe that explains part of her stubbornness and outright refusal to eat at times, but if it weren’t for daycare, she’d hardly be eating.  Yes, that’s right.  She eats just fine at daycare, but not for mom and dad – even if we give her the same types of foods.

So does that mean that we’re softies??  Does she just know that she  can get away with shenanigans at home??  Because we do give in to her most of the time, because we want her to eat something, anything.  So tonight, instead of her eating whole wheat pasta with homemade marinara sauce, she ate a banana for dinner.  That’s it.  Wouldn’t even try the pasta.  We know she likes pasta, so what gives??

The thing is, I know she’s not old enough to comprehend that ‘xyz’ is for dinner tonight and if you choose not to eat ‘xyz,’ you’ll just be hungry.  But how do we know when that point comes, when she’ll understand that??  Until then, it just feels like we’re forming really bad habits.  And we swore up and down we’d never become ‘short order cooks’ for our kids, yet, here we are…

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for her to look like this at the end of a meal.  At least then I’d know she’s eaten something!!

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She’s so cute – true story

On Monday, I came home for lunch.  As I was driving back to work, pulling up at the stop sign near the library, I noticed a woman carrying a little girl with another little girl holding her hand, walking.  I thought to myself, “Well aren’t those cute little girls.”  Then I got to the stop sign and while I was waiting for them to cross, actually took a look at them.  Turns out, it was our sitter with her little girl and Chloe walking next to her.  True story – I was admiring my own little girl’s cuteness without even realizing it was her.  She’s just that darn cute!!

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Tooth Soaps Giveaway

My friend Ambre, over at We Are Of The Day, is having a Tooth Soaps giveaway.  It is pretty much what it sounds like – soap for your teeth instead of toothpaste.  It sounds interesting and I’d love to win so I can give it a try.  You can enter here.  (That would lessen my chances of winning though, so maybe it would be best if you just let me win and I’ll tell you all about it.  🙂 )  Ok, not really.  Head over there and enter, but if you win, I better get a full report!!

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Homemade Marinara

Thanks to a large harvest of tomatoes, we’re able to make another batch of homemade marinara this year.  We made some last year, stored it in our deep freeze and just used our last bag about a month ago.  I’ll use the ‘royal we’ to describe the process, but really Aaron made it.

  • We boiled water (for 3-5 minutes first because we were on a boil order :-))  then put the tomatoes in for a short time to make peeling the skins easier.  Then we peeled the skins.
  • Then we chopped the tomatoes (48), some green pepper (2) and zucchini (1 large), minced garlic (10 cloves) and added fresh basil (1/3 cup).
  • We let it stew for about 2 hours, then added a little salt, sugar and pepper.
  • Finally, we let it cool, blended it up and froze it in 1.5 cups portions.

Last year we made a couple different batches and added onions, carrots and/or eggplant to some batches.  They were all delicious.  We love having tasty, all natural, no preservatives pasta sauce full of other veggies as well.  And at a fraction of the cost of store bought!!

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She’s amazing – I’m lucky

Shortly before we left the house Thursday morning, I was hiding in the kitchen making a phone call (seriously, it’s just easier to hide with the phone than to convince Chloe Mae she doesn’t need it) and Chloe was playing in the living room.  When I got done with my call, I peeked around the corner to see what she was doing and I found her sitting on the edge of her beanbag, with a hat on, attempting to put a shoe on her foot.  For some reason, that was a moment that made me stop and just think about how amazing this little girl is.  It seems pretty normal though, right??  Except that when I had gone into the kitchen, her shoes were away in the cube and the hat was just sitting on a chair.  She got her shoes out,  got the hat and sat down to put it all on all by herself with no prompting from me.

A year ago, she was eating every couple hours and spent most of the rest of her time sleeping.  I had just started working and we were all adjusting to our new lives.

Six months ago, Chloe was just figuring out how to stack her rings, wasn’t yet crawling, but was regularly giggling at us and waving like a champ.

Three months ago, Chloe was crawling and cruising, but still not walking.  She had just started signing a few words for us and seemed to understand some of what we said.

Today, she doesn’t just walk, she basically runs.  She has probably a dozen signs and a few words, understands practically everything we say, even if she tries to pretend she doesn’t sometimes, and I’d say we can understand what she’s trying to tell us at least 50% of the time.  She does puzzles, ‘reads’ books on her own and loves having us read to her.  She helps us get her dressed and undressed by offering up her hands and feet at the proper times and can put a hat and sunglasses on herself.

Sometimes in the day-to-day, it’s hard to remember how amazing the experience of raising a child really is, because she’s cranky sometimes and ridiculously stubborn most times.  I need to remember how amazing she is though, always.

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Iowa State Fair!!

In my 25 years, I’d say I’ve been to the Iowa State Fair at least 15 times.  It’s a tradition that I look forward to every summer.  I was very excited to go the fair for the first time with Chloe this year, so we could adapt our tradition to include our whole family.  Here’s how our day went…

Some things stayed the same.  We still had a “Pork Chop on a Stick” but this year we had to share it with our cutie.  She looked at us like we were crazy at first, but then signed, “Please, please!!” for more bites.

We also walked around the Varied Industries building, as usual, but spent our time amusing the girls instead of picking up free stuff and entering drawings and contests.

Instead of Aaron convincing a hot-tub salesman that we were interested in buying (which is not exactly true…) Chloe Mae just splashed around.

We spent extra time at the animal learning center this year, where Chloe Mae pointed and yelled “Dah!” at all the animals.  She especially liked the 4 day old piglets and ate her lunch while watching ducklings swim.

This year, instead of sticking my head in a cut out, I held up Chloe Mae and hid so she could have her picture taken.

I didn’t have a chance to sit down and enjoy a beverage in the Bud Tent, instead I was on puddle patrol and spent my time chasing Chloe Mae from one end to the other, trying to keep her as dry as possible.

We saw the butter cow, and then I chased Chloe around the Ag building (do you sense a theme) and picked up all the trash she found before she could stick it in her mouth.

Instead of leisurely strolls and rides on the SkyGlider and the Tram, I carried my 23 pound girl around or pushed her stroller.

I did still get to eat some food on a stick (a frozen s’more in this picture!!) but had to cut back a bit, because I didn’t want my daughter eating as much junk as I’d normally feed myself at the fair…

I spent a lot more time walking around the animal barns this year, again, while Chloe pointed at all the animals and said “Dah!!”  I also made a lot more animal noises than I remember making in the recent past.

I did have a chance to sit down and enjoy a funnel cake while Chloe took a nap.

As is tradition, we had our picture taken at the Iowa Telecom booth.  I think Chloe’s eyes popped open from her nap right as they took the picture.

This is my cutie after her first Iowa State Fair.  I think it was a hit!!

I wouldn’t normally say that a rainy day is a great Fair day, but it worked out great this year.  I think the rain kept a lot of people away, so even though people were crowded into the buildings to stay dry, the buildings still weren’t crowded compared to years past when we’ve been.  This gave Chloe the opportunity to get down and run around, which wouldn’t have worked out if it was wall-to-wall people.  Chloe Mae continues to amaze me every time we have an outing or weekend away, by being an amazingly well-behaved and cooperative little girl.

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Small-butt pants

We went to the Iowa State Fair yesterday (more on that later) and decided to take disposable diapers with us.  As a result, we could dress Chloe in a pair of her small-butt pants.  Usually her cloth diapers add so much bulk that she has to wear pants a size up, but not yesterday!!

Look at how cute her little butt is!!

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