Chloe Mae, the girl

Seriously, just look at this little girl!  She’s barely my baby anymore.  She’s turning into a toddler before my eyes and it gives me such mixed feelings.  Enough of my sappi-ness though.  Here’s how big Miss Chloe Mae is these days…

  • She helps get herself ready in the morning.  She actually assists in getting her clothes on, instead of fighting us and is a pro at picking out shoes – a matching pair even – bringing them to us and sitting down so we can put them on her.  She also brushes her hair and her teeth.  I won’t go so far as to say she does either well, but she happily does both, so it’s a win.
  • What does every parent want??  A child who helps with chores, that’s what!!  We’re starting early with Chloe Mae, while she’s still eager to help.  She loves to put her toys away after her bath, help put clothes in the washer or dryer and pick up sticks outside.  (Okay, the picking up sticks is more just curiousity on her part, and not always the safest option, but one of these days, we’ll get her in on yardwork!!)  She also “helps” fold clothes and stuff diapers and she loves to help take clothes off the clothesline – because clothespins are way fun!!
  • We still feed Chloe yogurt or applesauce by spoon for breakfast most mornings and some veggies a few times a week, but for the most part, Chloe feeds herself now.  She’s even working on her spoon skills and is pretty good at getting a loaded spoon to her mouth.  She definitely knows what she likes (blueberries and homemade mac-n-cheese are 2 favorites!!) and doesn’t (most meats and green veggies) but her repetoire is definitely expanding.
  • For better or worse, Chloe Mae seems to understand pretty much everything we say now!!  When I asked her to put away her shoes so we could wash her hands and then go have dinner, she walked over to her shoe bin and dropped the shoes, then walked to the bathroom and tried to reach the sink.  After we washed her hands, and played in the water a bit, she walked into the kitchen and started screaming for dinner.  We’re still working on patience and inside voices…  She also understands words like “cookies” and “bath” which can lead to fights/tears if she doesn’t get the cookies or enter the tub  immediately after hearing about them.

So amazed and still loving every day!!


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