Iowa State Fair!!

In my 25 years, I’d say I’ve been to the Iowa State Fair at least 15 times.  It’s a tradition that I look forward to every summer.  I was very excited to go the fair for the first time with Chloe this year, so we could adapt our tradition to include our whole family.  Here’s how our day went…

Some things stayed the same.  We still had a “Pork Chop on a Stick” but this year we had to share it with our cutie.  She looked at us like we were crazy at first, but then signed, “Please, please!!” for more bites.

We also walked around the Varied Industries building, as usual, but spent our time amusing the girls instead of picking up free stuff and entering drawings and contests.

Instead of Aaron convincing a hot-tub salesman that we were interested in buying (which is not exactly true…) Chloe Mae just splashed around.

We spent extra time at the animal learning center this year, where Chloe Mae pointed and yelled “Dah!” at all the animals.  She especially liked the 4 day old piglets and ate her lunch while watching ducklings swim.

This year, instead of sticking my head in a cut out, I held up Chloe Mae and hid so she could have her picture taken.

I didn’t have a chance to sit down and enjoy a beverage in the Bud Tent, instead I was on puddle patrol and spent my time chasing Chloe Mae from one end to the other, trying to keep her as dry as possible.

We saw the butter cow, and then I chased Chloe around the Ag building (do you sense a theme) and picked up all the trash she found before she could stick it in her mouth.

Instead of leisurely strolls and rides on the SkyGlider and the Tram, I carried my 23 pound girl around or pushed her stroller.

I did still get to eat some food on a stick (a frozen s’more in this picture!!) but had to cut back a bit, because I didn’t want my daughter eating as much junk as I’d normally feed myself at the fair…

I spent a lot more time walking around the animal barns this year, again, while Chloe pointed at all the animals and said “Dah!!”  I also made a lot more animal noises than I remember making in the recent past.

I did have a chance to sit down and enjoy a funnel cake while Chloe took a nap.

As is tradition, we had our picture taken at the Iowa Telecom booth.  I think Chloe’s eyes popped open from her nap right as they took the picture.

This is my cutie after her first Iowa State Fair.  I think it was a hit!!

I wouldn’t normally say that a rainy day is a great Fair day, but it worked out great this year.  I think the rain kept a lot of people away, so even though people were crowded into the buildings to stay dry, the buildings still weren’t crowded compared to years past when we’ve been.  This gave Chloe the opportunity to get down and run around, which wouldn’t have worked out if it was wall-to-wall people.  Chloe Mae continues to amaze me every time we have an outing or weekend away, by being an amazingly well-behaved and cooperative little girl.


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