When do we ‘put our foot down’?

I feel like every meal we give Chloe is a fight.  This happens off and on, but has been horrible for the past week or so.  We think she might have a tooth coming in right now, so maybe that explains part of her stubbornness and outright refusal to eat at times, but if it weren’t for daycare, she’d hardly be eating.  Yes, that’s right.  She eats just fine at daycare, but not for mom and dad – even if we give her the same types of foods.

So does that mean that we’re softies??  Does she just know that she  can get away with shenanigans at home??  Because we do give in to her most of the time, because we want her to eat something, anything.  So tonight, instead of her eating whole wheat pasta with homemade marinara sauce, she ate a banana for dinner.  That’s it.  Wouldn’t even try the pasta.  We know she likes pasta, so what gives??

The thing is, I know she’s not old enough to comprehend that ‘xyz’ is for dinner tonight and if you choose not to eat ‘xyz,’ you’ll just be hungry.  But how do we know when that point comes, when she’ll understand that??  Until then, it just feels like we’re forming really bad habits.  And we swore up and down we’d never become ‘short order cooks’ for our kids, yet, here we are…

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for her to look like this at the end of a meal.  At least then I’d know she’s eaten something!!


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