Our Little Houdini – Dare We Hope?

One of the (many) benefits of cloth diapers is that they’re held on with velcro, so when Chloe Mae discovered how to take her diaper off a few weeks ago, we could hear it and stop her before disaster struck.  At first we thought it was a fluke.  She soon proved us wrong.  We started keeping pants or bloomers on her at all times.  Then the other morning, I heard the distinct sound of velcro ripping off and whipped my head around to see my daughter squirming around in her footie jammies.  She was completely clothed from head to toe, but had still managed to undo her diaper – on both sides no less!! 

So in we went to her changing table to get her all fixed up.  It was then that I discovered it was a dirty diaper that she had been trying to take off.  This happened one or two times a few weeks ago when she first started pulling the diapers off, but I didn’t think much of it.  However, considering the effort that went into getting her diaper off inside her pj’s, I’m starting to wonder if having a dirty diaper is directly related to her trying to take it off.  Is it foolish of me to think that maybe this is a sign that she’ll be ready to potty train early??  If it is, maybe just don’t tell me.  I don’t need my bubble popped any sooner than necessary 😀


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  1. nicole

    you could always do the cloth ones with snaps. those are the type addison was using. Because i worried she would try to take her diapers off too.

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