Our daughter could happily be a vegetarian pescetarian.  (I googled ‘what’s a vegetarian who eats fish called?’ to come up with this term!!)  She’s gotten better at eating a few bites of meat here and there, but I can easily just give her a little bit of mine, and there are times when she still flat out refuses to eat meat.  When we have fish, it’s a whole ‘nother story though.  She now gets her own piece, because she eats so much of it.  We’ve given her salmon, cod and tilapia and all 3 have been hits.  I’m not complaining – I actually think it’s great.  I didn’t eat fish growing up though, because my mom is allergic to most freshwater fish, so it just seems like an adult thing to eat and it seems odd for my 1-year old to love fish!!

If Chloe Mae didn’t eat fish, calling her a vegetarian still wouldn’t be an entirely appropriate term.  Is “fruititarian” a word??  Because she could be that.  She loves almost all fruits – bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pears, peaches, apples, mango and even kiwi at daycare today.  Although I feel bad telling her ‘no’ when she says please or asks for more fruit, there are many nights when I do.  If she eats a pretty good amount of the rest of her meal, I’ll usually let her have some more fruit as dessert, but I feel like she needs to eat more than just fruit.

When it comes to vegetables, apparently I’m a sofite and Chloe knows it.  She won’t eat veggies for us at home.  We offer them most nights, but she just plays with it a little and it’s very rare that she actually eats any.  At daycare though, she happily eats loads of veggies.  The other day, she saw peas in the fridge at her sitter’s house, looked up and signed “please” so she had peas for snack.  She repeated the process in the afternoon.  I’m glad that she’s getting veggies most days (although we do hide veggies is a lot of dishes at home, so she does unknowingly eat them at home…) but I sort of wonder what I’m doing “wrong” that she won’t eat them at home.

Oh the joys of feeding a toddler.  And to think – we couldn’t wait to start her on solid food at 6 months!!


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