We love our sitter and straws are tricky!!

We’ve been through some ups and downs with our childcare in recent months.  We knew we needed to leave Childserve for a few different reasons, but it wasn’t an easy move, because we did love Chloe’s caregivers there.  After checking out a lot of different in-home sitters, we decided on someone we thought would be great.  After 1 week, we weren’t happy with the change and knew we needed to make another change.  Lucky for us, we had a great alternative present itself.

Chloe now spends her days just a few blocks from our house with a little girl her age, her mommy, Katy, and now a newborn little boy.  They spend lots of time playing outside, going on walks, take field trips to the store and library and have friends over to play. 

One of my favorite things is that Katy shares our views on feeding Chloe Mae healthy meals and snacks.  Truth be told, she might do an even better job of feeding Chloe healthy, balanced meals, because Chloe has sort of a ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ attitude at mealtime and is more likely to eat something if another little one her age is eating it.  There’s also a lot of variety in the foods she eats.  Today they had fruit smoothies at lunch.  Below are two pictures of Chloe Mae concentrating oh-so-hard on drinking from a straw and not tipping her cup back.

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